These Pumpkin Spice Short Ribs Have Divided TikTok

It's no shock that you can find just about anything you could think of with a pumpkin spice flavoring. With the first flavor of pumpkin spice dating back to a cookbook in the 18th century, it went on to become one the world's most beloved flavors of fall (via The Smithsonian). Throughout the centuries, pumpkin spice has lured food lovers back for more with the alluring and powerful aromas of the fall holidays, provoking warm memories of family gatherings, football games, cafes, and bakeries.

Because of how much pumpkin spice is loved and accepted, don't think that it only belongs in a latte. Sure, Starbucks has us fooled that the flavor solely belongs in its famed PSL. But that's so basic (in all the ways). Now, brands are working with grocery stores to deliver pumpkin spice-infused food offerings to customers, including ice cream, cookies, candies, and more. With all of this newfound creativity with the flavor, nothing is left untouched. That includes some out-of-the-box recipes that might turn heads, but nevertheless might actually be good. The latest? Pumpkin spice short ribs.

The recipe calls for a pumpkin spice latte

Pumpkin spice and everything nice — including short ribs. While it sounds like an interesting flavor combination, the popular TikTok account @MythicalKitchen isn't afraid to try something new. In a video that has garnered the attention of TikTok foodies, Mythical Kitchen chef Josh Scherer shows fans how to cook up a set of pumpkin spice short ribs at home. He's seen putting oil in a pan, seasoning the ribs, and searing them half-side down. 

But the really outrageous part? After adding onions, carrots, and celery into the pan, he pours in half a cup of a real pumpkin spice latte. Your mind is blown, right? Well, so are the minds of many TikTokers who are shocked by this unique recipe and equally divided. 

"I made pumpkin spice rub ribs one year for thanksgiving, with butternut squash risotto. It slapped," one user commented. "Great recipe," another user said. While about half of the comments seem excited about the dish, others aren't too keen on the idea of pumpkin-spiced meat. "I'm sorry Josh, but I only like pumpkin spice in pumpkin pie," one fan said. "All of this cooking skill and you make this?" another user said. 

The question remains, are you willing to try the pumpkin spiced short rib dish?