Aldi's Thanksgiving Ravioli Return To Shelves For Yet Another Year

If there is one ingredient that everyone agrees can make any dish really sing, it's pasta. Vodka? Good. Penne alla vodka? Better. A meatball is just a meatball, but add some spaghetti and suddenly you're on top of Old Smokey. And if you thought your ham and cheese sandwich was good, what would you say to tortellini filled with prosciutto and ricotta? Probably "si, per favore," right?

Well, while you've been over here playing bush league baseball, Aldi has been swinging for the fences in the major league for years now. The grocery store chain must have recognized long ago the only thing missing from a traditional Thanksgiving dinner was pasta, because Aldi's Italian food brand, Priano, has taken the Super Bowl of meals and packed it all into a little square that's shaped like a postage stamp. Re-introducing fan-favorite turkey cranberry ravioli, a pasta that Priano markets as "Thanksgiving in a bite," according to this picture from Instagram account @aldifavoritefinds. The Aldi fan account is delighted to report that the official pasta of America's feast day is back, and can be found on the AldiFinds shelves for just $3.39 a pack ... at least, at that particular Aldi location. Put a pot of water on the boil and grab a fork – it's about time Thanksgiving dinner was shrunk down to a manageable size. 

A saucy alternative to the full turkey dinner?

Folks who have been following this turkey trend for a few years may remember the reappearance of Priano's turkey cranberry ravioli at Aldi in 2020, when the world badly needed Thanksgiving dinner on a single fork, and also in 2021 when fans were paying $2.79 per package at one location. This year's repeat performance (and higher price) could mean that this Aldi Find has become another cult favorite, with a hungry following that still doesn't know quite how to top this top-tier turkey trend. "What kind of sauce do you put with the turkey cranberry ravioli?" one user asked @aldifavoritefinds, in response to their excited post about the pasta's return. "Gravy," the fan account replies, simply. Another commenter suggests melted butter and sage, presumably to complement the rich flavors of the Thanksgiving pasta.

Either way, it would be hard to go wrong when you're dealing with pasta that's filled with Thanksgiving food. In fact, The Kitchn explains that those little satchels really pack a punch: Each raviolo is filled with cheese and stuffing, in addition to the slow-roasted turkey and cranberries listed in the name. And the four-minute cooking time certainly sounds more appealing than the days spent in the kitchen preparing for a full Thanksgiving dinner.