These Aldi Ravioli Taste Just Like Thanksgiving

Do you ever wish you could have Thanksgiving dinner more than once a year? The sad fact is, most casual home cooks aren't rushing out to buy and prepare a whole bird, stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce (not to mention all the sides) on an average Thursday night, even if it is one of their favorite meals. Luckily, Aldi has a solution to this quandary: turkey cranberry ravioli, described on the packaging as "Thanksgiving in a bite" (via The Kitchn).

It's made by Priano (Aldi's in-house brand) according to Delish, and you can pick up a 9 ounce package for only $2.99. If the idea of turkey and cranberry alone is throwing you off, you're in luck; according to the packaging, these little pasta pouches pack "a traditional blend of slow roasted turkey with cranberries, stuffing, and fine cheeses," so, if you serve them with some gravy on top as recommended, you're sure to get the full Thanksgiving experience in every mouthful... plus the pasta!

What people are saying about Aldi's turkey cranberry ravioli

Like Thanksgiving dinner itself, the reactions to this Aldi ravioli are contentious. Instagrammer @aldi_the_amazing posted a photo of the ravioli with the caption "I've got to be honest... this kind of freaks me out but it's probably delicious. Let us know how it is!" Of course, the commenters were happy to oblige. The majority were positive and discussed different sauce options to serve with the dish, from gravy to butter and garlic, to just a bit of olive oil. However, user @kristynmaloney seemed to agree with @aldi_the_amazing, and replied quite simply, "It's a no from me dawg."

While it might not be for everyone, this festive ravioli has three main things going for it: it's cheap, quick (The Kitchn says you only need to boil them for about four minutes), and easy, leaving you with just one or two pots to wash after dinner is done. So, if you're craving Thanksgiving dinner but feeling too lazy to cook it from scratch, it might be worth trying out this seasonal Aldi option.