Why Reddit Is Disgusted By A Burger King Chicken Sandwich

Burger King has offered an Original Chicken Sandwich on its menu for quite some time, but it eschewed the chicken sandwich wars for nearly two years until the introduction of its Ch'King sandwiches in late spring 2021. It appears the fast food chain was ill-equipped for combat though, as the crispy, hand-breaded creations have already been forced into early retirement (per Eat This).

They swiftly sent fresh troops to the vanguard of the chicken conflict to replace the defeated Ch'King army, unveiling another new line of chicken sandwiches called Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwiches. The sandwiches come in four varieties including a regular crispy chicken, a spicy crispy version, a bacon and swiss, and BBQ bacon and cheese (via The Fast Food Post).

Only time will tell whether Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwiches fare better in battle than their predecessor. In the meantime, Reddit is expressing disgust over a Burger King chicken sandwich depicted on the subreddit r/BurgerKing.

A bloody rare chicken

Redditor U-Naive-Ask-1154 posted a stomach-churning picture to the subreddit forum r/BurgerKing of a raw, pink-hued chicken sandwich they were served at Burger King. The vomit emojis came out in full force as users viscerally reacted to the revolting sight of the uncooked poultry patty.

Contributor LazyWriter2022 quipped, "rare and bloody, just how I like my chicken." A Burger King employee following the thread discussion expressed surprise that this could even happen. "I've never seen a BK use raw chicken before... All our meat comes frozen or pre-cooked."

Another employee couldn't understand how something like this could occur unless it was done intentionally, explaining that patties are cooked for a set amount of time in the fryer and it's easy to tell when they're cooked through.

User Lurkay1 offered sympathy, stating, "Hope you not only got a refund, but a few free coupons or something." To which U-Naive-Ask-1154 sardonically replied, "I didn't get a refund, I got a $15 coupon & trauma."

Common sense would tell you that if Burger King wants their new Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwiches to outlast the Ch'King, employees might want to ensure they receive a proper dip in the fryer.