What In-N-Out Didn't Serve For The First Decade After Opening

Founded in 1948, In-N-Out Burger set out to do fast food differently from its competitors, with founder Harry Snyder visiting meat markets daily to pick up fresh ingredients to prepare his burgers (per In-N-Out). And the chain has managed to amass a cult following along the way since then. Today, In-N-Out has a pretty expansive menu, complete with a not-so-secret menu that loyalists absolutely adore. But in its earliest days, the hamburger drive-thru kept things pretty basic. Instead of a huge menu, In-N-Out focused on creating a dining experience that ensured customers never had to leave their cars, with Snyder introducing the drive-thru two-way speaker to ensure efficiency and convenience.

Once the fast-food chain got that process figured out, they expanded their menu a bit, but there was one thing it still didn't offer initially: drinks on tap. It wasn't until In-N-Out reached a major business milestone that it began to sell fountain soda with its iconic burgers and fries.

In-N-Out didn't offer fountain sodas for 10 years

In 1958, In-N-Out celebrated its 10th anniversary and at this point, had five locations in California's San Gabriel Valley. During its first decade, In-N-Out changed significantly. At the six-year mark, In-N-Out updated its logo to include the arrow that is synonymous with the burger purveyor. After 10 years in business, the Southern California-born chain opted to add fountain sodas to the menu.

Before 1958, anyone who ordered a beverage at In-N-Out received soda in a bottle. According to In-N-Out's official website, the original soda fountain offered Pepsi, Nesbitt Orange, and Hires Root Beer. Originally, fountain drinks were provided in one size and did not come with a lid. Customers could purchase a lidless beverage for a dime. In-N-Out has never revealed the reason why it took so long for fountain sodas to be made available. Fountain soda machines were readily available and popularly used in restaurants when the chain first opened its doors (via Coca-Cola Company).

How much did In-N-Out drinks cost?

The days of ordering a drink for less than a quarter are long gone. While In-N-Out introduced its fountain beverages in 1958 for a dime (per the burger chain), things have changed. Today, you have the choice of four different soft drink sizes. According to Top Restaurant Prices, a small, 12-ounce drink costs $1.65 today. The chain's biggest size, which is 44 ounces, will set patrons back $2.20. Compared to other larger chains, In-N-Out remains competitive with its pricing.

Fountain sodas aren't the only beverages In-N-Out offers. The famed chain offers milk, coffee, iced tea, and hot cocoa. In-N-Out also offers milkshakes, which come in one size, and are offered in chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla flavors. But it took decades for milkshakes to make it to the menu. In-N-Out didn't offer milkshakes until 1975, nearly 30 years after opening its doors for the first time, according to the chain's website.