The In-N-Out Secret Menu Items You Need To Try

When it comes to famous fast food restaurants, In-N-Out definitely has a feverish fan base. According to the In-N-Out site, the California-based burger chain has been around since 1948, and was actually the state's first drive-thru burger spot, where customers could easily get in and get out with an affordable, delicious cheeseburger. Their dedication to sourcing their meat locally is part of their lore that attracts patrons, but their secret menu items are perhaps among their biggest draws. In fact, In-N-Out has embraced this by offering a Not So Secret Menu on their site!

But the truth is, we've only just scratched the surface of off-menu items that you can order next time you're on the West Coast and craving some burgers and fries. Thanks to the investigative journalism that only a true In-N-Out fan can provide, we've been able to round up some of the best SUPER secret menu items you've just gotta try.

The Flying Dutchman

No, you cannot order a giant ghost ship at In-N-Out, sadly. (Although that would really put the Happy Meal toy to shame, wouldn't it?) But you can order this bun-less, topping-less double burger. That's right, the Flying Dutchman is simply two burger patties with some melted American cheese nestled in between. And that's it. It's like a Keto-friendly burger, if you ignore the fact that American cheese isn't actually Keto-friendly.

Perhaps the Flying Dutchman is for cheeseburger purists who don't want all that pesky bread and lettuce and tomato and ketchup getting in the way of pure bovine flavor. Perhaps it's for people who want to beef up their grilled cheese by replacing the bread with burger patties. Do you eat it with your hands? With a fork and knife? Much like the legend of the Flying Dutchman ghost ship, some things are unknowable (unless you order one and find out).

Scooby Snack

The secret menu is proof that In-N-Out understands that customers want variety, they want options, and they want customization. And they also recognize that not all of their customers are human. Enter the Scooby Snack, an In-N-Out menu item created with your dog in mind. This secret menu item is just a single, plain burger patty, the perfect fast food treat for your four-legged friend. The Scooby Snack has even been given the seal of approval by the American Kennel Club, who also cite the Flying Dutchman as a great fast food treat for your pup.

And of course, there's no rule that says that only dogs can order a Scooby Snack. If you're on a low or no carb diet, on a budget and don't want to pay for buns and toppings, or maybe your BBQ is one patty short and you need to grab an extra, then go ahead and give this secret menu item a try.

Fries well done

It's just an accepted fact of life that In-N-Out fries kind of, well, suck. They're known for being limp, unsalted, and just generally not up to the standards of their beloved and delicious burgers. According to The Takeout, some chefs suspect it's because they skip the crucial blanching process when cutting the potatoes, which causes them to be less crispy when they hit the fryer.

Luckily, there is a way to get an improved french fry at In-N-Out, and that's to order your fries well done. They leave them in the fryer a tad longer to give the fries more of that crispy, golden brown texture you want in a fry. In fact, you could even go the opposite route and order them done "light," which means the fries spend less time in the fryer, resulting in a barely cooked, softer French fry. We aren't sure why one would ever do that, but hey, to each their own.

Mustard grilled burger

The high quality of an In-N-Out burger isn't just because they source their meat locally, but it's also in how they prepare it. And now, you can up the deliciousness of your burger by ordering it mustard grilled. This just means that after grilling one side of the patty, the cook then puts some mustard on the other side, flips it over, and allows the burger to finish cooking in the sizzling, fried mustard, which gives the burger an even deeper, more delicious tangy flavor. Who wouldn't want to try that?

Mustard-grilling the burger is actually the basis of an Animal Style burger, which, according to their website, is a mustard-grilled patty with lettuce, tomato, pickles, extra sauce, and grilled onions. So if you're not in the mood for full Animal Style but want your burger to still pack an extra tangy punch, mustard-grilled is the way to go.

Roadkill fries

At In-N-Out, you can famously order their fries Animal Style, smothered in melted cheese, grilled onions, and thousand island dressing. But if that's not animalistic enough for you, according to the In-N-Out whisper network (a.k.a. Reddit), you can order Roadkill fries, which are Animal Style fries with a Flying Dutchman burger on top. Fries, cheese, onions, sauce, and a double patty with cheese? It's like an entire meal nestled in one french fry container. Honestly, that's just efficient!

Now, this item is truly so secret that it seems some locations don't even know about it. According to Reddit, when you order Roadkill fries, some places may give you a "this may jeopardize the quality of your food" line. BUT they'll tell you that you can order both Animal Style fries and a Flying Dutchman separately and make it yourself. Maybe a little DIY action will help burn a few calories before eating this monster of a meal.

Cheese fries

A diner classic, who doesn't love some melted cheese on top of french fries? For some reason, cheese fries aren't on their main menu, but considering cheese fries are basically just the basis for Animal Style fries, it's a no-brainer that you can order cheese fries at In-N-Out as well. And according to other In-N-Out fans on Reddit, plenty of people have worked cheese fries into their regular In-N-Out order.

In-N-Out isn't exactly known for having the best french fries. According to LAist, the reviews for their fries range from "HATE THEM HATE THEM HATE THEM" to "They are wrong. In every way possible." Not great. So, ordering cheese fries might be the perfect way to dress up their somewhat limp fries to make them more appetizing. Or better yet, order your cheese fries well done and get some golden, crispy fries draped in ooey, gooey melted American cheese. 

Neapolitan Shake

According to the In-N-Out website, they've been serving up vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate milkshakes since 1975. They even used to mix the milkshakes right in their paper cups, which probably led to a lot of destroyed cups and crying over spilled milk(shakes). But In-N-Out customers have no reason to cry now that the secret is out: you don't have to choose a milkshake flavor. You can order all three at once!

The Neapolitan shake is a blend of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream, all in one delicious milkshake. According to PopSugar, the American version of Neapolitan ice cream is a derivative of spumoni, a popular ice cream treat from Naples, Italy that usually consisted of pistachio and chocolate ice cream, and some fruit like cherries and nuts in the middle. If you're not a strawberry fan, you can also order just a Black and White, which is a blend of vanilla and chocolate, according to Serious Eats.

Root Beer Float

Looking for a sweet treat to cap off your In-N-Out meal? If you're not in the mood for a shake, another great (and very secret) option is the root beer float. A tall cup of fountain root beer is delicious enough on its own, but when topped with some vanilla (or chocolate or, heck, even strawberry) ice cream, it really is a dessert in a cup. According to one In-N-Out employee on Reddit, it's their favorite dessert they make. Why isn't it on the menu? Who knows!

If you're not a root beer fan, the good news is you can turn any soda into a float. You can try a Coke float, or a Dr. Pepper float, or even a citrusy 7-Up float, which would taste great with some vanilla ice cream on top. When it comes to In-N-Out, it's clear that they're open to some creative ordering.

Whole onion burger

In-N-Out is known for their grilled onions, which infuse their burgers with tons of that sweet-spicy caramelized onion flavor. While the onions are typically diced then grilled to caramelized perfection, tons of people on Reddit heartily recommend opting for this secret menu option: the whole onion burger. Instead of dicing the onions first, a whole slice of onion is grilled until caramel-brown, and then slapped on top of your burger. It's not for the faint of heart (or breath).

Not convinced that a whole onion will upgrade your burger? People are pretty passionate, with one Redditor saying, "Whole grilled onion is a game changer." According to Serious Eats, the whole grilled onion is a fantastic burger upgrade, with an almost diner-like quality. Sure, it's not the best idea to order one on a date, but give it a try next time you know you'll be alone for a few hours. Or pack a toothbrush.

Chopped chilis

This isn't so much a menu item as a topping option that you might not know about, but you can get any In-N-Out burger topped with some chopped hot chili peppers. The peppers are pickled to briney, spicy perfection and pressed into the bottom of your burger patty, according to Hack the Menu. If you want a burger that packs some extra heat, this is definitely the order for you.

You can even add these chopped chilis to your fries! They'd be particularly tasty on some Animal Style fries. Another cool thing that some In-N-Out locations offer? You can order some chopped chili peppers on the side, and they'll give them to you in little individually wrapped packets, according to Serious Eats. That way, you can control your level of heat, or save them as a weird, spicy snack for later? It's up to you! But be warned: These little chilis pack a lot of heat!

Veggie burger

When you think of veggie burgers, you probably imagine a bean-based patty, or perhaps an Impossible Burger that somehow bleeds just like real meat. Well, In-N-Out offers a veggie burger, also known as a wish burger, but it's ... not quite as substantial as an actual burger. That's because this off-menu item is basically a burger without the burger. It's a ton of lettuce, tomato, onions, sauce, and even cheese if you want it, stuffed between two buns. If you're feeling downright gluttonous, you can ask for some pickles, too.

Now, does a salad disguised as a burger really scratch that burger itch? It seems unlikely. It almost feels like In-N-Out is using this sub-par burger as propaganda to give vegetarians FOMO to convert to beef eaters. But if you're a vegetarian and find yourself in an In-N-Out, just know that there is an option for you. But maybe go with some cheese fries instead?

Grilled cheese

The idea of a pattyless sandwich at a fast-food outlet renowned for its fresh burgers may seem ironic. But the In-N-Out vibe is one of good times and great food, even for non-meat eaters who love the fries but are otherwise limited by the menu. Yet there's hope for these discerning diners, as In-N-Out offers a grilled cheese on its secret menu (via Business Insider). There's no mysterious ingredient combination here, and no speakeasy code word needed to set the griddle in motion. A simple "Grilled cheese, please" alerts the crew to leave the burger out of the bun while leaving in the cheese — two slices, to be exact — plus tomato, lettuce, and spread. 

How does this selection fare for taste, texture, and enjoyment? On the plus side, it's a fantastic option for vegetarians who find themselves at a loss for something to order other than shakes, sodas, and fries. On the not-so-plus side, however, the sandwich is exactly what its name announces: a simple grilled cheese. Any doctoring to make it more appealing is up to the diner. This means that the truly clever meat abstainers can open their sandwich and load it up with fries for a special so stealthy even the secret menu hasn't thought of it yet.


Sometimes, you're so ravenous that a double cheeseburger just won't get the job done. Sure, two patties with two slabs of American cheese melting down the sides can satisfy simple appetites. But when you're hankering for something that'll last awhile when it hits your stomach, you might need a little more to chew on. 

That's where the not-so-super-secret 3x3, also known as the Triple Triple comes in (via #HacktheMenu). In a twist that might as well rewrite the laws of space and time, the In-N-Out kitchen engineers discovered just enough extra space between patty one and patty two to nestle patty three for a triple-decker that does not disappoint.

How does the triple-stack stack up? It's easier than ordering a Double Double with a single on the side, with only one bun to worry about if carbs are a problem. Handling this colossus is a bit of a challenge, too. The bread can hardly contain the mighty meat and gooey cheese, and there's only so much a wax paper wrapper can do to pick up the slack. But on the days when your cravings for In-N-Out goodness are no laughing matter, it's a comfort knowing there's a secret menu created solely for the purpose of making you happy.

Mustard grilled

The simplicity of In-N-Out's basic burger formula make it one of the few pure pleasures in the fast-food world. But for moments when more flavor is in order, the secret menu holds a special command that brings in familiar elements in a thoughtful way. The magic phrase that kicks up the taste by a factor of delicious times infinity is "mustard grilled," according to EnjoyOC, a term that applies to buns as well as burgers (via Urbo). This special order adds a sizzling swath of mustard to patty or bread before it hits the griddle, adding a scorching layer of complexity that mere cold mustard can't muster.

By going mustard grilled, you get a surprising and delicious twist on a highly common burger topping. But because in the world of In-N-Out, only Animal Style orders are given the mustard treatment, this added feature is a secret within a secret. If you have a taste for the mustard tang without the grilled onions and pickles, mustard grilled will get you where you want to go. By the way, this hack applies to any burger on the menu, so you can customize your favorite order whenever the mood strikes. It may not be Animal Style, but sometimes the simple tricks are the most effective.


Somewhere in the In-N-Out food science labs that may or may not exist, the fast food chain's mad chefs hit upon a new realization. By fusing one Double Double to a second Double Double, they could create a monster burger that would qualify as a family meal all on its own. Thankfully, they avoided naming it the Double Double Double and called the 4x4, or the Quad-Quad, instead (via #HacktheMenu). Considering the height of this fast-food behemoth, the name could just as easily be a reference to a certain super-sized truck as it is to a super-sized burger. If it were any taller, the In-N-Out crew would need to serve it with a ladder and a hardhat.

A 4x4 includes four all-American beef patties, lettuce, tomatoes, In-N-Out spread, and four slices of American cheese. It can be ordered with or without onions just to make things a little squishier and more delicious between the top and bottom of the baked bun. A visit to Fast Food Nutrition will clue you in to the calorie count of a Double-Double, which is a respectable 670 calories — surprisingly enough, that's not terrible for a double burger with special sauce. Yet, some quick multiplication brings you to the brain-exploding realization that a 4x4 is over 1200 calories in a single secret menu item. You've been warned.

Monkey Style

Legends abound within In-N-Out culture about a fabled secret burger mode called the Monkey Style. The official description of this creation from those in the know goes like this: an order of Animal Style fries is piled into the burger of your choice. Denials of its existence abound, possibly due to a hoax video that fed fast-food conspiracy theories on the internet, as per the Los Angeles Times. The video itself has vanished, and even purported ex-employees speaking out on Reddit have shot down the rumors. But that hasn't quelled the search for this elusive simian-style burger or slowed the stories of its appearance in certain In-N-Out locations.

The story has led many a secret menu hunter on a wild monkey chase that takes them to the ends of the World Wide Web looking for proof. The official word from In-N-Out Vice President Carl Van Fleet is that there is no such thing as Monkey Style, according to ABC7 News. As per Van Fleet, it's all simply a rumor that ran amok and confused a lot of burger clerks. But if, on some full moon night, you're in an In-N-Out ordering dinner and you also order Animal Style fries, then add them to your burger yourself, who knows what might happen? If you follow those steps, you can be among the lucky few to experience the Monkey Style magic, fictional or not.