Reddit Is Seriously Puzzled By Starbucks' Corndog Toilet

Anyone who has been to a fast food restaurant knows that those restrooms are on a whole different level than other public restrooms. And no, we're not just talking about a fast food restaurant having the worst restrooms in terms of cleanliness (cough, cough, Burger King, cough). We're talking about the overall experience.

Don't know what we mean by "experience?" Take for example the time a woman gave birth in a Chick-fil-A restroom. According to Business Insider, that baby was granted free Chick-fil-A for life, as well as a job when she was old enough. Crazy. Another time, per Cosmopolitan, a fast food employee found that someone had brought a taco into the men's restroom, disassembled it, and tossed it in the toilet. Maybe the taco was so bad, throwing it in the garbage just wasn't enough. Who knows.

More recently, a Starbucks worker shared their own strange restroom tale on Reddit. As you might have guessed, it has everything to do with corndogs, but you definitely aren't expecting the picture we're about to paint for you.

We have questions for whoever brought corndogs to Starbucks

Fast food workers know the dreaded restroom check all too well. For one Starbucks employee, this corndog-involving incident was "the weirdest restroom check I've ever done." They shared a photo of the scene on Reddit, allowing the internet to get a look at three corndogs, sticks and all, balanced along the rim of a toilet. Below the photo, they wrote, "I have no words. I would never have thought I'd see corndogs on a toilet at work. People are odd."

Reddit users were torn between amusement and intrigue. One person commented, "Honestly, I would rather see this than some of the alternatives. At least this would make me laugh." Others joked about the corndogs being part of a ritual. However, most people had questions. One user asked, "Were they frozen or previously warmed?" Another wondered about the planning that led someone to leave corndogs in a Starbucks restroom. They wrote, "Sometimes it's not the act, it's the steps they took to get there that get me." Someone else said what we're all thinking: "I kinda want to put the toilet seat down and sit."

While we may never know the full story, the employee was able to shed a bit of light on the situation. They said there is Sonic down the street and they found Sonic Drive-In Drive-In bags in the trash. They also noted, "We're pretty sure it was a college student that was the actual corndog culprit." Iconic.