Which Fast Food Restaurant Has The Worst Bathrooms? Mashed Fans Weigh In - Exclusive Survey

Whether you prefer regional fast food restaurants or national chains, you're probably looking at a couple of factors before you decide where to get your meal: cheap cost, taste, quality, and perhaps most importantly, hygiene. Cleanliness is next to godliness, as the old saying goes. While many fast food restaurants have strict hygiene and cleanliness policies to ensure both the health and comfort of the customer, there's one place that some customers may never be comfortable enough to enter no matter how clean it is — the restroom.

Although you may think that a dirty bathroom isn't enough to drive customers away, you'd be surprised to see how many consumers turn away from a restaurant because of it. According to a 2008 report from QSR Magazine, restaurants that have dirty bathrooms lose repeat business because customers become less trustworthy of the establishment's hygienic practices. Chron explains that a clean bathroom has several benefits, ranging from building customer trust to helping to build structure and responsibility in employees through a daily cleaning schedule.

But which major fast food business has the worst bathroom? 599 people answered Mashed's poll on the subject, leading to an answer that may surprise you. Snap those rubber gloves on and hold your nose as we dive right in.

Over 27% of people think Burger King has the worst facilities

Out of the 599 people polled, it would seem that 27.71% of people believe that Burger King has the worst bathrooms out of the mainstream fast food restaurants. The other options include McDonald's at 26.88%, Taco Bell at 25.04%, Wendy's at 10.85%, and Chick-fil-A at 9.52%. What exactly makes Burger King's bathrooms bad? Could it be that this was just the personal experience of 27.71% of people or is there something to these claims?

While we didn't find any reports of people getting violently sick from being inside a Burger King restroom, the facilities at BK have seen some pretty strange happenings. A Burger King in Allentown, Pennsylvania, became the scene of a baffling mystery in 1986 when a newborn baby was found abandoned under a sink in the restaurant's washroom, WNEP reports. While CBS Philadelphia tells us that the baby fortunately grew up to be healthy and eventually find her birth mother in 2014, it's still a shock to find such a surprise at your local burger place. 

If you were ever somehow trapped within a Burger King bathroom, as was the case of one Curtis Brooner (via Business Insurance), you may be entitled to one free Whopper a week for the rest of your life. While 27% of people would prefer not to be anywhere near a Burger King bathroom, one can't exactly argue with the idea of free burgers, right?