Trader Joe's Fans Are Salivating Over Its New Horseradish Cheddar Cheese

Trader Joe's is a great place to buy cheese. While its Ash Rind Brie has been named one of the Trader Joe's Foods that you need to try before you die, this soft-ripened beauty is far from the only winning cheese to be found at the grocery retailer. Its cheese section is simply stocked full of winners. Some of the literal winners. TJ's Unexpected Cheddar Cheese won the 13th Annual Customer Choice Awards in Best Cheese category. Runners up included nummy options like the English Cheddar with Caramelized Onions, seasonal Baked Lemon Ricotta, Syrah Soaked Toscano, and classic Triple Crème Brie.

Due to the grocery chain's rigorous selection process, only the best of the best make the cut so you can trust that a TJ's cheese. Trader Joe's business model involves making deals with suppliers to sell their products under the store's name, and while TJ's is super careful about who it courts, not even all of those survive. Only products that please customers stay in its stores, and a new horseradish cheddar is exciting shoppers.

Horseradish cheddar at TJ's

One new product that's been heating up the TJ's cheese display lately is its new Horseradish New York Cheddar Cheese. The spicy take on cheddar has been lauded by fans on Instagram. Fans are saying it makes an excellent addition to build the perfect charcuterie board, good to remember with holiday hosting coming right up around the corner, or a great "remix grilled cheese." Fans also recommend pairing it with beef, such as melted on a burger or folded into a roast beef sandwich. "This cheese is SO good!" says one fan. "[L]ove this cheese," says another, and of course, plenty of fire emojis mean this dairy product is both creamy and hot hot hot.

At only $8.99 per pound, even though this is a name-brand cheese, Trader Joe's is still bringing value. The product is a Yancey's Fancy cheese, not a TJ's house label, so one may expect this cheese to be a little pricier. But it's still a great value compared to what you'd pay for it at a regular grocery store. At premium retailer Wegman's, the same cheese retails for $6.49 for a 7.6-ounce package, or more than $13 a pound. So far shoppers seem excited about the great flavor.