Coffee Mate Will Give You $5,000 To Miss The Thanksgiving 5K Run

For most people, Thanksgiving serves as a time to gather, eat a lavish meal, and practice gratitude. However, it's also the most popular day of the year to lace up that pair of running shoes and hit the pavement, according to Men's Journal, which reported on data from fitness app Strava. Before gathering around the Thanksgiving table, many running enthusiasts and novices alike will first gather at the starting line of Turkey Trots, a tradition that dates back to 1896, Women's Running reported.

Motivations for exercising on this holiday that's centered around indulgence range from wanting to work up an appetite for the feast, to the calling to support the various charities that Turkey Trots often benefit. Women's Running claims that the first-ever Turkey Trot, in fact, was created to support and fund resources for the YMCA.

This year, a particular coffee bar staple is urging holiday celebrants to skip the run and enjoy a leisurely morning instead.

Coffee Mate may pay you to take the day off

If you need a reason to opt out of the Turkey Trot, look no further. Coffee Mate has created a "$5K to Skip The 5K Sweepstakes" to encourage runners to take the day off and drink coffee at home instead, Sporked reported. The option to sleep in, stay cozy, and enjoy a cup of joe in your pajamas may already sound more appealing than panting in chilly temperatures. But, if you take Coffee Mate's No-Run Pledge, you'll be entered to win $5,000, provided that you trade your running shoes for slippers. The sweepstakes begin at midnight on November 14.

It's hard to argue with taking a day off and getting paid for it. But, in the spirit of the holiday, you may spend your coffee time before Thanksgiving dinner contemplating which charities and causes you can support in lieu of running the race.

According to Penn Live, Coffee Mate hasn't disclosed what will be required in the pledge to enter or how the winner will be chosen. The sweepstakes website indicates that the odds of winning $5,000 will be determined by the number of entries. The Skip the 5K Sweepstakes will accept pledges until Thanksgiving at midnight.