Trader Joe's Fans Have Some Serious Issues With Its Hot Cocoa Polar Bear

With the Washington Post reporting that much of the East Coast and Southern portions of the U.S. have been experiencing unusually warm temperatures during the first two weeks of November, some Mashed readers may find it ridiculous to be sipping on anything other than iced beverages right now. However, according to The Weather Channel, it won't be long before the weather in these areas start catching up with that of the rest of the country and begins showings actual signs that winter is on its way, giving everybody the opportunity to start guzzling down their favorite warm beverages without working up a sweat.

Considering the love affair that Americans have with icy drinks, which the New York Times reports make up more than 60% of Starbucks' quarterly sales, we understand how hard it can be to break up with your iced coffee for the next few months. Fortunately, the return of jacket weather also happens to coincide with the grand return of holiday drinks like Peppermint Mochas to coffee shops. Additionally, several grocery stores are offering festive beverage options as well, including Trader Joe's, where a brand new take on the hot chocolate bomb trend has been turning heads.

Spotted this week by Instagrammer @traderjoeslist, hot cocoa polar bears are the latest way TJ's shoppers can enjoy the beverage that a majority of Mashed readers said was their favorite holiday drink. But as adorable as the little guy is, some shoppers have serious issues with the treat.

Shoppers aren't finding a lot to love about Trader Joe's Hot Cocoa Polar Bears

Many Trader Joe's fanatics were excited about its Hot Cocoa Polar Bears when they were first spotted in Utah by Instagram user @traderjoesobsessed back in September. "So cute! Will make cute stocking stuffers and hostess gifts, and more," one Redditor said in response to the sneak peek. However, now that the adorable "white and milk chocolate confection filled with milk chocolate drops and marshmallows" has started making its way into other stores throughout the country, it seems that many TJ's shoppers have changed their tune about the $1.99 seasonal find.

After TJ-obsessed Instagrammer @traderjoeslist posted about the cocoa bombs on Thursday, November 10, dozens took to the comments section to express their disappointment in the product, with many specifically taking issue with its ingredients. "There is no way that tastes like it's worth the 410 calories & 43 grams of sugar," one person commented. "Not gluten freeeee," another pointed out. Instagram user @nancylynn70 took issue with the taste, noting that it was "waxy, not like real chocolate," while Instagram user @cwebb7287 went on an even lengthier rant.

"Trader Joe's needs to revamp these melts!!! The snowmen and the Mexican White Chocolate pumpkins taste NASTY!!! And pork gelatin marshmallows?? Really????? Who taste tested these??? PLEASE Trader Joe's!!!!!!!!!!!!" they said. Being that TJ's hot cocoa bombs have been scrutinized in the past, the grocer may want to consider this shopper's advice.