The Most Difficult Part Of Tasty's Making It Big, According To Tway Nguyễn- Exclusive

It's science: the bigger the food, the better it tastes. Okay, so that may not be a proven fact, but it does feel like it's true. BuzzFeed Tasty's YouTube series, "Tasty's Making it Big," is all about turning normal-sized food into its massive counterparts. The popular show debuted its third season with a new host, the social media star, Tway Nguyen. From a 20-pound hot dog to a 50-pound mac and cheese dish, the series does not hold back when it comes to the kitchen.

In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Nguyen revealed how she really feels about being named the new host of "Tasty's Making it Big," and what foods the audience can look forward to. As a Vietnamese cook, the TikToker focused on recipes that honor the culture such as big bánh mì and a giant egg roll. Nguyen mentioned that "coming in [to the series] as a new person was scary" but the reaction from fans has been nothing but positive. As the recipes continue to get more grandiose, it's a wonder what the biggest challenges making giant food are—and the recent "Chopped" contestant let us know.

How do you scale massive recipes?

There are many caveats when learning how to make your way around a stove, and math is one of them. Recipes include a multitude of ingredients and measurements, which means making double or triple of the meal can get quite complicated. Tway Nguyen explained that "Tasty's Making it Big," can't really avoid the extra calculations. 

She told Mashed about the most challenging aspect of making large foods: "Scaling," Ngyen said. "Doing the math, because you have to do it right. You have to scale it to the right amount. If you f*** up in one aspect, then it goes downhill from there," she added. 

As a person who does not excel in the math and science field, one can only imagine all of the numbers that are involved with this food challenge. Nguyen continued that frying large foods can also be quite scary due to the amount of oil needed. Although cooking gigantic versions of your favorite meals comes with its difficulties, the content creator mentioned that they taste just as good, but "the way that you eat it [large foods] is different."

Nguyen elaborated on last season's mega soup dumplings by claiming, "Usually, you put the whole soup dumplings in your mouth, but in this case, we had to slice it like it was a meat pie." Sounds like a case of, "if you wanted to, you could," and "Tasty's Making it Big," definitely does! Nguyen is also on a creative kick for the holidays as she partnered up with Deluxe Gold Pineapple for some sweet and savory (and normal-sized) recipes.

Learn more about Tway's partnership with Deluxe Gold Pineapple here. Follow Tway's food journey on her TikTok or Instagram page.