Stuffed Puffs Launched Cinnamon Toast Crunch Marshmallows

Cinnamon Toast Crunch came in at number five on the Kiplinger list of America's top 19 breakfast cereals. Per Snack History, General Mills released the crunchy, sweet, cinnamon-y squares in 1984, and Food Manufacturing reported that Cinnamon Toast Crunch was the most popular cereal in the U.S. on Amazon in 2021, just beating Rice Krispies.

People of all ages consider Cinnamon Toast Crunch to be the breakfast of champions, Freeman Online explained. Annually, Cinnamon Toast Crunch generates $344.3 million selling 105 million boxes of cereal, per Kulick's. It's so popular that Cinnamon Toast Crunch products now transcend the breakfast realm with items like Cinnamon Toast Crunch Frosting and a similarly-flavored cookie mix.

While there's no limit on the time of day when it's appropriate to consume this fan-fave cereal — it's great for a midnight snack, on-the-go crunching, as well as at breakfast in a bowl with milk — fans of Cinnamon Toast Crunch now have the option to enjoy their favorite breakfast staple in a different context because of a newly released collaboration with Stuffed Puffs.

Cereal meets marshmallow in new collab

A fan-favorite breakfast cereal is now available as a sweet treat for snacking purposes, per PR Newswire, bringing the brand out of the breakfast realm. Stuffed Puffs released Cinnamon Toast Crunch-filled marshmallows on November 15. Stuffed Puff Big Bites Cinnamon Toast Crunch Filled Marshmallows were born out of a collaboration between Stuffed Puffs and General Mills. This candy features marshmallows that are coated with Cinnamon Toast Crunch dust and filled with Cinnamon Toast Crunch creme. The creme center is meant to taste like the best part of a bowl of cereal — the bottom — according to Brand Eating.

This new marshmallow-cereal hybrid can be found exclusively at Walmart. Stuffed Puffs is best known for its chocolate-filled marshmallows, which can be bought in more than 43,000 stores in the U.S., per Chew Boom. The brand was founded in 2019, but this is the first collaboration with General Mills.