The Cheetos Duster Now Exists, And It Works Just Like A Nutribullet

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KitchenAid, General Electric, Samsung, and Whirlpool — mention any of these names to an average person on the street and you'll most likely be told that these companies are well-known manufacturers of kitchen appliances and equipment. But add "Cheetos" to that list and you'll probably be looked at with confusion. What does Cheetos, a cheese-flavored corn puff snack hawked by a sunglasses-wearing cheetah straight out of the radical 1990s, have to do with kitchen appliances?

Cheetos has never been one to sit idly by on the grocery store shelf, content with its bags of cheese-dusted corn snacks. In 2020, Frito-Lay launched a variety of Cheetos-flavored mac and cheese dinners, with flavors ranging from "Bold and Cheesy" to "Cheesy Jalapeño" (via PR Newswire). Back in 2021, in either the most insane marketing stunt ever pulled by Frito-Lay or a prank, ice cream company Marble Slab promoted an ice cream and milkshake that is infused with crushed Flamin' Hot Cheetos (via The New York Post). It seems that Cheetos doesn't want to be seen as your average snack food that stains your fingers and everything you touch afterward a bright neon orange, but a delicious and surprising ingredient in everything from dinners to desserts.

Perhaps wanting customers to carry on the totally-radical tradition of cheesy creativity, Cheetos has given consumers the tool needed to turn any dish, such as your upcoming turkey dinner, in a Cheetos-flavored extravaganza. 

How does the Cheetos Duster work?

Just as Prometheus was fabled to have given Man the gift of fire, Frito-Lay gives Man the gift of converting their favorite Cheetos into 100% pure dust at just the touch of a button. But how exactly does this "Cheetos Duster" work?

The Cheetos Duster resembles a device along the lines of the Nutribullet or any other small hand-held blending device. You fill the Duster's glass jar with your choice of Cheetos, put the jar onto the base, and while holding the Duster, shake the device while you press the power button. The blender will pulverize your Cheetos snacks to a fine powder, allowing you to use it as a seasoning or coating for whatever you want. A spokesperson from Cheetos told Adweek that the Duster introduces "a new way to innovate and elevate recipes with the delicious taste of Cheetle." Bold words indeed for a cheesy powder.

If you find that the Cheetos Duster is the kitchen tool that you've been missing your whole life, you can visit the Cheetos Duster website to view recipes for using your Cheeto dust and to purchase the Cheetos Duster itself when it becomes available for purchase on November 21 from Amazon. 

Cooking may not be easy, but neither is being cheesy.