15 Best Green Tea Brands Ranked

The first green tea drinkers in recorded history likely came from ancient China, which is primarily considered to be its birthplace (via Britannica). Countries worldwide now produce and distribute different types of green tea, each with unique flavor characteristics. Traditionally, the beverage is grassy and slightly bitter, with a vegetal, earthy scent. Yet, the various processing methods and blends producers employ result in countless taste profiles. 

Green tea isn't just a delicious drink. According to dietitian Cynthia Sass (via Health.com), it is rich in antioxidants and may help stave off many health conditions. Sass cites studies indicating that green tea may effectively lower cholesterol and high blood pressure and protect against Alzheimer's and heart disease. 

Green tea's rising popularity means consumers have a range of brands to choose from, but some companies stand out from the crowd. These brands focus on responsible sourcing and positive environmental impacts. They also curate selections of some of the highest quality green teas available and create unique tea blends enjoyable enough to drink every day.

15. Pukka

The Collins Dictionary defines pukka as something high-quality and authentic, and the Pukka tea company takes its name seriously. It started in 2001 when founders Tim Westwell and Sebastian Pole joined forces to bring their shared wellness philosophies to the world of tea production. The teas are certified organic, and minimizing environmental impact is a core value. According to its website, the brand champions sustainability by only using packaging that is recyclable or compostable.

Pukka teas are ideal for people who prefer green tea blends to pure, unadulterated teas. They are also an excellent choice for proponents of natural healing. The clean matcha green tea is one of its best offerings for those who enjoy fresher flavors. It combines Jeju Island Emerald matcha with notes of lemon, turmeric root, and sweet fennel seed. Clean matcha green has a more bitter taste than fruitier blends, but lemon essential oil gives it a subtle citrus flavor. This makes it suitable for iced tea, especially when lightly sweetened. In addition, clean matcha green is a perfect choice for warmer months when most people prefer lighter flavors.

14. Mansa

For true green tea connoisseurs, Mansa offers handcrafted teas that set it apart from other producers. Ashley Lim, a certified tea sommelier, founded Mansa to bring pu-erh teas to a broader audience. Max Falkowitz at Serious Eats describes pu-erh tea as a specially processed tea that ferments as it ages, giving it a unique, complex flavor. According to Falkowitz, young pu-erh teas have the same bright, verdant characteristics as green tea. However, they can be bitter or slightly sweet depending on the specific kind of tea used. In addition, pu-erh tea leaves can be brewed multiple times, with slight changes in flavor with each brew.

One of the most intriguing options Mansa offers is smoky pu-erh, a young tea available in three different vintages. L'appart, a Michelin-starred French restaurant in New York City, once featured this smoky, slightly bitter tea as a pairing with its tasting menu. It's available in standard loose-leaf packages or as a tea cake, a traditional format for pu-erh teas. This distinct brew isn't necessarily the best choice for someone new to the world of green tea, but it's a delicious option for those who want to expand their tea-drinking horizons.

13. Yogi

The Yogi tea brand has been on the market for over three decades and offers a variety of blends inspired by the principles of Ayurveda. According to The Ayurvedic Institute, this ancient healing system focuses on balancing energies and serves as the basis for modern homeopathy. As a result of its passion for Ayurveda, Yogi offers tea blends that include ingredients rich in antioxidants and renowned in the natural healing world for their therapeutic properties. For example, the super antioxidant blend includes lemongrass and grapeseed extract, both of which have a long history of use in natural remedies. 

One of the tastiest Yogi green tea options is the passion fruit matcha blend. Reviewers have awarded it 4.9/5 stars, making it one of the highest-rated green teas in the selection. Passion fruit matcha combines matcha powder with healing ingredients such as licorice root, lemongrass, and ginger. Natural flavors contribute a fruity fragrance to the blend, which makes it very enjoyable to sip. In addition, licorice root imparts natural sweetness that can help counteract green tea's bitterness. Finally, lemongrass has a light, refreshing taste that perfectly counterbalances the ginger's slight spiciness. This complex mix of flavors makes this a perfect choice for anyone who prefers to drink their tea without any accouterments.

12. Celestial Seasonings

Celestial Seasonings offers a wide variety of products that are a standard fixture in most grocery store tea sections. The company began in 1969 with a single tea blended from Colorado Rocky Mountains herbs. It is a pioneer in mainstreaming green tea for U.S. consumers, offering its first line of green teas in 1995. Today, the brand sells nearly a dozen green teas in hot and cold brewed options. Its original green tea is one of the lightest on the market because it is blended with mild white tea. This makes it perfect to serve iced or for anyone who dislikes the bitterness of more robust green teas.

The tea distributor also offers decaffeinated traditional and mint green teas. As for blends, its honey lemon ginseng is a great way to enjoy the reported health benefits of green tea with a mild, fruity flavor. Honey lemon ginseng includes green and white teas with lemon verbena, ginger, and ginseng. White tea is among the most mildly flavored teas and pairs nicely with the blend's delicate herbs. Although ginseng can sometimes have an earthy, bitter taste, this blend includes a natural honey flavor that provides a much-needed balance.

11. Numi Organic Tea

Numi Organic Tea was founded by a brother and sister team committed to human rights and sustainability. Many of the teas are Fair Trade Certified, which is integral to the company's mission. Consumers can learn about the source of each tea, as well as details on how Fair Trade funds have made a difference in those communities. Products are available in bagged and loose-leaf varieties, with eight kinds of green tea to pick from.

The brand's gunpowder green variety is a perfect choice for anyone who likes full-bodied green teas. It has a bold, slightly bitter flavor with plenty of caffeine to jump-start the day. According to Organic Facts, gunpowder green tea derives its name from the harvesting process. Unlike other varieties of green tea, gunpowder leaves are rolled into pellets soon after harvesting. This method may help the tea retain more caffeine and antioxidants. As with many Numi products, gunpowder green is certified organic and Fair Trade. Tea bags are available in bulk packages for daily tea drinkers. 

10. Twinings Of London

When it comes to tea, it's hard to argue with tradition. Twinings Of London is a tried-and-true brand for many tea lovers and lines the shelves of major grocery stores. The company began as a family business in 18th-century England and has grown steadily ever since. Stephen Twinings represents the tenth generation of this tea distribution family and serves as the Director of Corporate Relations for the international marketing department. The tea producer features an impressive array of products, including both hot and cold brew green teas.

Twinings of London is very accessible for those just beginning to enjoy tea. Its basic green tea has a pleasant, grassy flavor and is available in bags and K-cups. The brand also offers several green tea blends, including lemon or mint. Both options make a refreshing, fragrant cup of hot tea. For iced tea lovers, green and mint cold-brewed tea bags promise a fresh glass of iced tea in just five minutes. This blend infuses green tea with peppermint oil, giving it a crisp, cool scent. The Health Site reports that many people use peppermint oil to increase their energy, so this iced tea may be a helpful cure for an afternoon slump.

9. Paromi

Some brands have a unique story behind their name, including Paromi Tea. The name combines purity, aroma, and inspiration. The company's founder grew up in the U.S. Virgin Islands and launched the company to share unique tea blends with consumers. The company offers loose-leaf and bagged tea options with unique, sustainable packaging. Instead of a traditional bag, it packs loose-leaf tea in biodegradable, pyramid-shaped sachets. All of the teas are also certified organic and non-GMO.

The brand's primary green tea offerings are hand-picked and include traditional, jasmine, and a special herbal blend. Turmeric ginger green combines two therapeutic herbs with a verdant green tea. Many natural healing enthusiasts value ginger and turmeric for their antioxidant properties, so this tea is a good choice for health-conscious tea drinkers. It has a fresh, zingy flavor and is lightly caffeinated. The Paromi product line also features a selection of matcha powders in unusual flavors such as vanilla and cocoa. The organic matcha vanilla has an almost perfect five-star rating and makes delicious hot or iced lattes.

8. Volition

When accountant Annie Xiang decided to make a career change, she found an opportunity to give tea farmers a stronger voice in the production world. Elisa Xu interviewed the entrepreneur for Medill Reports Chicago and discovered that Xiang's tea company, Volition, focuses on building a connection between tea consumers and farmers. Volition specializes in single-origin loose-leaf teas sourced exclusively from China. Xiang is passionate about cultivating a sense of community, which is clear from the company's marketing content. Each tea variety features a note from the farmer who grew it and includes the story behind the tea and the family who produces it.

The brand's product line includes a limited selection of white, black, red, Wulong, and green teas. Both green tea options are worth trying, but High Mountain dragon well is especially delicious. This green tea has a bold, complex flavor with notes of chestnut and sugarcane. The leaves can be steeped four times, creating slightly different flavors with each batch. Volition is an excellent brand for tea drinkers who want to know the history behind their favorite beverage and prefer authentic, minimally processed tea. 

7. Bigelow

Bigelow tea boxes are easily recognizable in most local grocery stores, and the brand boasts one of the widest varieties of bagged green teas. Bigelow started as a small family business in 1945, and many members are still involved. It is also a Certified B Corporation, which reflects its pledge toward socially and economically ethical business practices. According to B Corporation, companies must demonstrate a measurable commitment to making a positive social and environmental impact to earn this certification.

Since it offers so many diverse options, Bigelow is a solid choice for new green tea drinkers or those who enjoy blends. The tea distributor carries several fruity styles as well as organic and decaffeinated options. Many of its fruit blends are refreshingly unique, including mango, pomegranate, and blueberry. They are lightly sweet and have a pleasant fragrance when enjoyed hot. 

Like many large tea distributors, Bigelow also sells blends that take advantage of green tea's healing properties. For example, one line under the Steep label includes a probiotic-infused option. This blend combines signature green tea with ginger, lemongrass, and probiotics. It has a bright, peppery flavor and may benefit digestive health.

6. Hackberry Tea

Hackberry Tea got its start as a small product line for Sagebrush Coffee but has since built enough of a following to become its own brand. The family-owned Arizona company specializes in small-batch loose-leaf teas, with unique artisanal blends that differentiate it from larger distributors. Some of its most noteworthy current green tea blends include creme brulee spice and cranberry pecan, both of which feature warm, festive notes that are perfect for the fall and winter seasons. For those who prefer a simpler blend, the jasmine love tea is a delicious combination of jasmine flowers and a clean, grassy green tea. 

All of the distributor's green tea options are excellent hot or cold, and the fruit blends are especially tasty paired with a sweetener. In addition to its selection of teas, Hackberry Tea also offers consumers resources about their favorite beverage. The tea education blog includes posts that cover a vast array of topics including how to make the perfect cup of iced tea and the origin stories behind several popular tea varieties. Tea connoisseurs can also learn about the health benefits of popular tea blend ingredients and get an inside look at some behind-the-scenes happenings at Hackberry Tea.

5. Tazo

Tazo started in 1994 as a small company in Portland, Oregon, and has since grown into a nationwide distributor. Today, it offers bagged teas, K-cups, iced tea mixes, and more. In addition to tea distribution, Tazo prides itself on being a champion of climate justice. Recently, it partnered with American Forests to launch the Tazo Tree Corps. This initiative aims to plant trees in underserved communities and prioritizes hiring local people. The Tazo website also notes that the company has pledged its support to organizations fighting racism within the larger environmentalist movement.

The Tazo line of green teas includes a handful of unique fruit blends, such as lemon strawberry, which has a summery, slightly sweet flavor and makes an excellent cup of iced tea. Many matcha tea lovers are fond of having their favorite drink in latte form, and Tazo offers a pre-mixed option that is equally enjoyable hot or cold. Its green tea matcha latte is a simple, delicious way to enjoy the beverage at home and features refreshing notes of crisp apple and sweet peach. It is lightly sweetened and pairs well with both dairy and non-dairy milk.

4. Silver Tips Tea

Small tea distributor Silver Tips Tea began in 1999 as a local tea house in Tarrytown, New York. The founder drew inspiration to start her business from visits to the Makaibari tea estate in Darjeeling, India. She learned the ins and outs of tea farming and processing and decided to offer these teas to connoisseurs in New York. To this day, Silver Tips Tea stocks multiple tea varieties from this estate, including oolong, black, and green. In addition to Makaibari varieties, the green tea line includes selections from other growers in China and Japan. 

Many tea companies offer fruity green tea blends, but Silver Tips Tea also sells combinations with unusual notes such as chocolate and almond. For example, its secret garden blend fuses sencha green tea with jasmine, peach, chocolate, and mint flavors. Delicate flower buds make this tea look as lovely as it tastes, giving it a sweet, floral scent when brewed. This tea is best enjoyed hot without sweeteners or milk. Silver Tips Tea also stocks gunpowder, sencha, dragon well, and several other varieties for tea drinkers who prefer unadulterated styles. 

3. Stash

Stash began with two friends in Portland, Oregon, in 1972 and is now a nationwide tea distributor. It's a very affordable brand offering great basic green teas and unusual blends. For example, its bagged ginger peach green tea is light and fruity, with a subtle sweetness that balances the peppery notes from the ginger. One of the brand's best loose-leaf green teas is pomegranate raspberry, which features a combination of green tea, chamomile, and matcha powder. One of the most noteworthy aspects of this blend is its bright and slightly sweet aroma. 

In addition to its excellent tea options, the distributor also provides consumers with unique ideas to enjoy their favorite beverages. The Stash blog features creative recipes using its tea beyond a simple sweetened iced tea or matcha latte. Tea drinkers can find inspiration for tea-based cocktails, warm drinks, desserts, and even tea-infused savory dishes. Each recipe indicates which Stash product yields the best results. For example, green tea lovers can try making a raspberry green tea-infused margarita or their own green tea gummy bears using the Asian pear harmony blend.

2. Red Blossom Tea Company

Red Blossom Tea Company first opened its doors in 1985 as a family enterprise in San Francisco's Chinatown. According to Hoodline, current owner Alice Luong spent her childhood in her family's tea shop. However, the accountant-turned-entrepreneur believes there's always more to learn about the tea-growing process. Luong prides herself on sourcing high-quality teas directly from farmers. Unlike many distributors, Red Blossom Tea Company does not offer any flavored blends because it prizes the natural taste and aroma of its teas.

One of the highlights of the brand's product selection is its line of matcha. In particular, Lishan matcha provides a bold, intense taste that is less bitter than many other styles, owing its unique flavor to its place of origin. While most consumers are familiar with matcha from Japan, this one comes from tea leaves grown in Lishan, Taiwan. This tea makes an excellent matcha latte because it retains most of its flavor and aroma even when blended with milk. Red Blossom Tea Company offers sample sizes of its products, so tea drinkers can easily try different varieties to find their favorite.

1. Ito En

Ito En is a Japanese-based tea company producing green tea since the 1960s. Today, it's among the biggest tea producers in Japan and has expanded operations into other countries. Its tea products include loose-leaf, bags, bottled beverages, and an assortment of matcha powders. Most notably, Ito En offers refreshing matcha blends such as turmeric + yuzu and apple + ginger. One particularly delicious product for green tea connoisseurs to sample is hojicha, or roasted green tea.

According to the Japanese Green Tea and Health Blog, the roasting process imparts a smoked, slightly sweet flavor while still maintaining some of the tea's signature grassy notes. Hojicha has a relatively low caffeine content compared to other green teas, so it's a good option for anyone who wants to limit their intake. Like black teas and matcha, hojicha pairs well with milk, and tea drinkers can enjoy it hot or iced. Although Ito En sells some black and oolong loose-leaf teas, the company primarily specializes in different types of green teas. This fact makes it especially ideal for green tea lovers.