Samantha Jacobs

Florida, United States
Manhattanville College, SUNY Purchase
Movies, TV, Prose
  • Samantha has been writing prose and poetry for nearly as long as she's been able to speak.
  • One of her hobbies is screenwriting, which contributes to her analytical perspective on TV and movies.
  • She studied creative writing throughout high school and college, eventually earning a BA and an MFA in the subject.


Samantha is a freelance writer who traded brutal Northeast winters for the perpetual sun of South Florida. She is an amateur screenwriter, which fuels her passion for writing about movies and television. Her work has also appeared on CBR and NerdStash. Additionally, Samantha has had several original poems published in national literary magazines.


Samantha has an MFA in creative writing from Manhattanville College and a BA in creative writing from SUNY Purchase. Throughout her time in these programs, she was able to dabble in prose, poetry, and screenwriting. She also took several classes on literary analysis and uses those skills to analyze TV and movie plots.
Stories By Samantha Jacobs