Bobby Flay Advises You To Add Compound Butter To Sweet Potatoes

Facts are facts: Bobby Flay just loves Thanksgiving. This celebrated chef is one of Food Network's biggest stars, and among many of his TV shows, such as "The Next Food Network Star," "Beat Bobby Flay," and "The Flay List," he also found the time to make a TV special in 2015, called "Thanksgiving at Bobby's," (via Food Network).

In the special, Flay and Katie Lee hosted a huge Thanksgiving feast for close friends and colleagues such as Alex Guarnaschelli and Sunny Anderson (via IMDb). Being passionate about Thanksgiving is undoubtedly a welcome trait for any person, and when a knowledgeable and professional chef is the one that's passionate about the holiday, the results can be nothing short of fantastic. 

Food & Wine reports that each Thanksgiving, "Flay cooks for 40 to 50 people," so it's no wonder that the chef's head is full of tips and tricks. For Flay, the essential thing is to have warm chicken stock for Thanksgiving, which can, for example, bring sliced turkey meat back to life. But that's not nearly all — he has many more valuable tips and tricks that you can use to make this Thanksgiving the best one yet.

A flavorful compound butter to warm sweet potatoes

The Iron Chef appeared as a guest on NBC's morning program "TODAY" to share a few Thanksgiving tips and he answer some of the viewers' burning questions, too. Flay said that although each Thanksgiving might seem the same, "there's always something new to learn," and we couldn't agree more. The celebrity chef also admitted that Thanksgiving is his favorite day of the year before giving out tips on delegating light kitchen tasks to guests and paying attention to the turkey's skin. One viewer asked Flay about his most effortless and impressive recipe that can be made with two to three ingredients, and the chef immediately thought of sweet potatoes, which he adores. 

The chef advised making compound butter, ideally with peanuts, almonds, and pomegranate molasses, for a nutty, tart, and sweet flavor. Once prepared, he recommends putting the compound butter on warm sweet potatoes for the best possible experience. But that's not the first time Flay recommended compound butter on sweet potatoes. The chef told People how he makes his compound butter with date syrup and lime juice, which also goes over warm sweet potatoes that are sprinkled with sesame seeds as a finishing touch. Yum. We can happily agree with Flay as he says: "Sweet potatoes should be on every holiday table."