Bobby Flay Says Brush A Sweet Glaze On Sweet Potatoes If You Don't Like Marshmallows

Thanksgiving is one of the most anticipated days of the year for foodies in America, but let's face it: not every dish on the table holds the same weight. According to a recent survey conducted by The Vacationer, cranberry sauce is America's least-favorite Turkey Day food, followed by the turkey itself (gasp!) and green bean casserole. Sweet potatoes (or yams, to some) also made the list, which, for many, are the most controversial component of the entire meal. Not only is the starch vastly outshined by the beloved mashed potatoes – which a 2020 YouGov poll found are America's favorite potato-based Thanksgiving dish – but some people also take issue with the marshmallows that top the traditional sweet potato casserole, as well.

As Vice explains, the addition of marshmallows to the side initially came about in 1917 as an attempt for Angelus Marshmallows to sell more of the pillowy confections. The marketing ploy clearly worked. However, as HuffPost points out, the candy isn't actually necessary, as the dish is sweet enough as it is. Additionally, the outlet called turkey, gravy, and marshmallows a "disgusting food combination." Fortunately, Food Network star Bobby Flay has an alternative if it's the marshmallows stopping you from adding a helping of sweet potatoes to your plate on Thanksgiving. Here's what the chef suggests.

Bobby Flay suggested using these ingredients for a sweet potato glaze

As a self-proclaimed "sweet potato fan," it should be no surprise that Bobby Flay has plenty of ideas to spruce up the starch. For example, during an appearance on the "TODAY" show for a segment titled "United Sides of Thanksgiving" on November 17, the Iron Chef advised adding a compound butter to the dish to give it a nutty, sweet, and tart flavor. If you're looking to do away with the marshmallows on your sweet potato casserole his Thanksgiving, Flay also has a great tip for that. During the same "TODAY" show appearance this week, a fan asked Flay what to use in place of marshmallows to sweeten up their sweet potatoes. In response, the Food Network star suggested making a glaze instead.

The tip is one that Flay has used several times himself, including in the pan-fried sweet potato dish with lime and date glaze that he recently featured on his Instagram page. However, if you're feeling creative, it's fairly easy to create a glaze of your own. The chef suggested using ingredients such as molasses, honey, or pomegranate molasses, which can then be mixed with mustard and brushed on top of the potatoes. "This way you get a little spicy, a little sweet, but you also bring out the flavor, the natural sweetness of the potatoes," Flay explained.