Duff Goldman Starts His Day Like A Viking

There are many things you probably don't know about Duff Goldman despite his stardom. At the ripe young age of four, his passion for cooking began "when his mom caught him in the kitchen watching Chef Tell and swinging around a meat cleaver." Most notably, he has become recognized for his incredible creations at several Charm City Cakes locations. He has been in an array of Food Network shows as a star, host, and competitor, published a couple of cookbooks, and was nominated for two James Beard awards. He even founded Duff's Cakemix Bakery & Studio, a fun, DIY, cake-decorating venue (via CIA Chef).

Apparently, Duff Goldman is also really into Vikings — although not what they really eat, but perhaps, how they drink. In an interview with People about Duff's gift ideas for Father's Day, he said, "I love shows about Vikings where they yell 'Skol!' and drink out of a horn." According to Scandinavia Facts, "Skol" comes from the Scandinavian word "skål," which refers to a wooden bowl filled with a beverage passed around at social events. Since then, the term has evolved to signify a salutation when drinking.

He likes to yell out a Viking toast with his morning coffee

Duff Goldman enjoys yelling out a Viking toast and likes to do so over his morning coffee. "Starts the day right," he says to People. Why not take it a step further? He recommends a drinking horn with a convenient display stand from Norse Tradesman made out of ethically sourced ox and cow horn. And speaking of his choice for a morning cup of joe, he believes a pack from Zeke's coffee will do the trick. He describes it as "the best coffee in Baltimore," where the first location of his bakery Charm City Cakes was opened. Fortunately, any selection of coffee beans can be shipped across the country if you aren't local. 

With these solid suggestions from Duff, anyone can take their interest in Viking lore to the extreme, though the maker of this drinking horn does not recommend filling it with extremely hot beverages. Iced coffee it is! Skol!