Reddit Is Losing It Over This Behind-The-Scenes Hell's Kitchen Photo

"Hell's Kitchen" is currently airing a remarkable 21st season on Fox and streaming on Hulu. The cooking challenge, hosted by irascible TV personality and renowned Scottish chef Gordon Ramsay and that puts guests through cooking challenges and dinner services at his restaurant in Hollywood, has endured this long for a reason: Its dynamic personalities have held viewers' interest for more than a decade.

"Hell's Kitchen's" cast and iconic host have long stirred up buzz on social media sites as viewers take sides and choose their favorite heroes and villains. Of course, most people who haven't been living in a cave since the series first aired in 2005 are at least vaguely familiar with Ramsay's reputation for using profanity to chastise cooks on the program. But faithful watchers also form strong opinions about the less-famous people appearing on the show, as is illustrated by a photo posted to the subreddit r/Hell's Kitchen, shared to get audiences hyped for the upcoming season.

'The gang is back'

The posed photo, posted by Redditor u/DaveLambert and captioned, "The gang is back for the new Hell's Kitchen season," features Ramsay smiling with sous chefs Christina Wilson and Jay Santos and maitre'd Marino Monferrato. A few commenters had some not so nice things to say about Santos, who has appeared on the show intermittently since Season 7. "Am I the only one who hates Jay? He was kinda trash in his season and kinda sexist," offered one user. Another remarked, "Agreed. He just seems sleazy somehow." A third noted, "He doesn't really help anyone on the team. I think he just rubs me the wrong way."

Others celebrated Jay's return to the show — along with Christina's, as she's been a consistent cast member since Season 10 — and had "no idea" what the critics were on about. "Yay, I love that Jay is back," wrote another commenter. Some people said that while they were fine with the current lineup, they wanted to see different previous cast members return. One commenter stated, "Like Marino but I miss JP," whiled another shared, "With all due respect to Jay, as he is an amazing chef. I really wish chef Scott would come back."

Finally, one Redditor had nothing but a glass-half-full reaction to everyone's return. "They all look genuinely happy and each of them have an awesome dynamic with Ramsay." Give it a watch and decide for yourself.