The Extra Step That Will Give You The Smoothest Pumpkin Pie Ever

What is it about pumpkin pie? It could be the silky smooth texture, the vibrant autumnal color, or maybe the sweet yet spicy flavor. Whatever it is, the beloved dessert has been a Thanksgiving tradition for centuries, and people in the Americas have enjoyed pumpkins in some form since 5500 B.C., according to the History Channel. In fact, members of the Wampanoag tribe ate pumpkins and may have brought some to the "first Thanksgiving."

Over the years, pumpkin pie took different forms, with each baker adjusting it to taste and following trends at the time. Originally, bakers cooked the pumpkin in milk and strained it to make the pie filling. In 1929, canning company Libby released canned puréed pumpkin, which forever changed the way people make pumpkin pie. The velvety texture we currently associate with the baked treat is so much easier to achieve, thanks to Libby's innovations. Still, you could take the luscious consistency up a notch with one easy extra step.

Amaze your guests with the smoothest filling around

The Washington Post says that for an uber silky pumpkin pie, you should blend your filling for about a minute (or buzz it up in a food processor). Even when using seemingly flawless canned pumpkin, there may still be lumps or fibrous bits in the mix that can affect the final texture of your pie. The more powerful your blender or food processor, the smoother your filling will be, so go ahead and use the highest setting. And if you really want to strive for perfection, you can press the mixture through a fine mesh sieve before placing it into the crust.

Once you master the basics, it's easy to personalize pumpkin pie and adapt it to your tastes. Add your own signature spin by substituting the milk and egg for tofu for a fluffy vegan dessert, or by using a surprising ingredient upgrade (like a little cocoa powder in the crust). If you prefer to keep your pie old-school, er, classic, then our five-ingredient pumpkin pie recipe will hit the spot. However you prefer your pumpkin pie, it remains an autumn and holiday classic.