Oreo Just Teased A Wafer-Only Offering And Twitter Wants It

A sinful dessert snack that even vegans can enjoy, Oreos have been enjoyed by the masses for over 100 years (per Insider). Since its inception in 1912, the relished cookies have gone on to claim the title of the world's best-selling cookie. Outdoing the competition by a landslide margin, The Guinness Book of World Records reports that Oreo cookies have sold over 500 billion units since being introduced to the market. The celebrated cookies are so popular that the brand even made an assortment of variations like the beloved "double stuf" and mint Oreos.

Part of what makes Oreos so irresistible is its creamy center filling made up of sugar, palm or canola oil, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial flavors (per Yahoo News). Although that iconic Oreo filling is derived from some not-so-healthy ingredients, there's no shame in double stuffing your face with a package of Oreos from time to time — that's living, baby!

However, an Oreo's center filling isn't the convection's only selling point. The crunchy, textured wafer that sandwiches an Oreo's cream center is also part of its timeless appeal. And the Oreo company just teased a wafer-only version on Twitter that fans are already clamoring to try.

Unfortunately, the wafer-only Oreo product is a prank

Oreo's official Twitter account is dedicated to promoting its products, sharing Oreo-based recipes, and staying in step with pop culture. This time, however, the social media team behind the award-winning cookie teased fans with a wafer-only Oreo snack. Aptly named "Just The Wafer Oreo," the tweet included a hyperrealistic image of the fantasy snack's packaging, and if you don't look carefully at the fine print that reads, "this product is not real," you'd be convinced otherwise.

One Twitter user replied to the post saying, "I want this ... why does it feel fake?" To which the Oreo team replied, "because it is." One contrarian Oreo fan asked for a "Just The Creme" cookie and team Oreo directed them to their April Fool's tweet, where the brand promoted a package of pure Oreo cookie cream. Although "Just The Wafer" Oreos are merely a fantasy, the fan reaction on Twitter proves that every part of an Oreo is the best part. The real question is whether this change could one day become a reality?