Duff Goldman's Hanukkah Moose Is Menorah To The Max

Thanksgiving has finally passed us by and the holiday season is right on its heels. Christmas decorations are going up and Halloween decor is finally coming down — at least we hope so. And Jews around the world are dusting off their menorahs in anticipation of eight days of candle lighting. Many are likely familiar with the menorah, but equally as many don't exactly know what constitutes a kosher one. As Breaking Matzo notes, a menorah must have a space for one candle for each of the eight nights, along with another, on a slightly varied level, for the Shamash.

As a proud Jew, Duff Goldman knows a thing or two about the holiday. Goldman celebrated his daughter's first Hanukkah in 2021, per Instagram. And while last year's menorah was a bit more traditional, some of his past ones have called for a bit more fanfare. One in particular had fans atwitter.

Bring back the moose-norah

Back in 2019, Duff Goldman posted a photo on Twitter of what he deemed "the Hanukkah Moose!" While some fans were surprised to find it was not cake or chocolate, the intriguingly designed menorah held up to its promise. His photo, posted on the sixth night of Hanukkah that year, featured a moose figure with more antlers than typically found on a moose in order to accommodate all 9 candles necessary for a traditional eight days of candle lighting and the Shamash.

Unique menorahs are nothing new, especially as of late, with sites selling doozies like one modeled after RBG or another that resembles a spread of bagels (via Hey Alma). While it seems Goldman is going more traditional for the family lately, based on the reaction of fans, it is a wonder he hasn't taken this entertaining piece out to share the experience with his daughter. 

One fan marveled over the fact that they have the same one, noting it helps close out the year with a bang. Others gave it praise by calling it "cool," "great," or simply noting how much they want one. Will the Hanukkah Moose make an appearance at this year's celebration?