These Are Ways To Make Brussel Sprouts More Appealing

Brussels sprouts are a great paring for multiple delicious dishes. You can simply roast your Brussels sprouts with olive oil or pan-fry them with a mix of spices for a savory side dish. According to Healthline, these little cabbages are also rich in nutrients, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and vitamin C, which are great for our immune system. However, even though they are healthy and quite popular during Holiday dinners, Brussels sprouts are not for everyone. 

For some, including kids, these can taste more bitter than they would like. On some occasions, cooking them also gets complicated and we easily make mistakes like boiling them too long, which makes them mushy. If this has happened or if you're just looking to make Brussel sprouts more appealing, we have an easy hack. You only need one fatty, smoked, and tasty ingredient. If you're thinking about sizzling and savory bacon, you've guessed right.

Pair Brussels sprouts with bacon

According to The Cookful, the added fat from the bacon when Brussels sprouts are cooking coats the tastebuds lightly with a greasier taste and hides a bit of the bitterness of the vegetable. This is why fat and bitter go very well together. So, if someone doesn't like Brussels sprouts that much, but loves bacon, this trick can work. You can follow your classic roasted Brussels sprouts recipe, and add sauteed chopped bacon before serving those, which will add that extra punch of flavor and fat. 

The Kitchn suggests directly roasting your sprouts on a sheet pan with veggies and thick-cut bacon, so they get cooked with that smoky aroma and flavor. Eating Well also recommends mixing roasted chopped sprouts into a fresh salad with nuts, cheese, dried fruits, and of course, diced bacon because it will pair beautifully. Whichever way you decide to enjoy your leftover Brussels sprouts, don't forget to experiment with some of these new additions.