McDonald's Uniforms Just Received A High-End Fashion Makeover

The most creative of clothing designers pull inspiration from wherever they can find it, and for some, great ideas can be found on an unassuming dinner plate. According to Glamour, the Museum of Communication in Berlin once had a fashion food wing dedicated to this very topic. Some of the exhibit's creations included a top made of octopus and a skirt fashioned with seaweed, each of which were designed by Chef Roland Trettl.

Another designer that embraced the world of food fashion is Central Saint Martin graduate Leeann Haung (per Dazed). Notable pieces include orange-peel scattered bottoms, earrings made from forks, and "cable knits crafted from real jelly and chocolate." "When I was young I really wanted be a chef ... I soon realized I was a pretty crap cook – although granted, I was only 10 – but I loved creating something visually stunning with my hands that could make people happy. That eventually translated itself into fashion," Haung said of the inspiration behind her pieces.

To twist things up, one Finnish fashion brand is pulling inspiration from the food industry as well. These pieces, however, probably shouldn't be consumed (via CNN).

The pieces are made from recycled uniforms

According to CNN, Finnish company VAIN is releasing 13 pieces inspired by McDonald's uniforms, and employees in Finland will actually have a chance to wear them (though unfortunately, they can't replace the actual required uniforms). "The work uniforms include familiar colors, patterns, and details that everybody can recognize," VAIN CEO Roope Reinola said in a press release. The clothing was fashioned with actual worn-out uniforms as a way to recycle the materials for a new purpose. Among the designs is a McDonald's hoodie paired with work pants, a dress with a hat and tie, a logoed button-up top, and an employee apron.

A few days ago, VAIN shared the news of the collab to its Instagram account, with one photo including an individual with burger in hand. Instagram users left comments expressing how intrigued they were with the new designs. "I don't eat McDonald's but I'd wear this collection," one comment read. "If they had these uniforms at McDonald's here in Brazil, I would never complain about work," one comment from a presumed employee read. Once again, this goes to prove that one man's food is another man's fashion.