Foodies Told Mashed The Best Addition To A Grilled Cheese- Exclusive Survey

Comfort food doesn't get more classic than the grilled cheese sandwich. This holy grail of melty sandwich goodness can take on any number of forms and varieties. Plus it can act as the ultimate soup dipping vessel. Roughly 75% of people who purchase cheese slices at the grocery store make grilled cheese sandwiches regularly, according to How Stuff Works.

As far as sandwiches go, grilled cheese is the best thing since sliced bread — literally. Its roots trace back to the 1920s when the bread slicer was invented. If you look farther in the past the ancient history of grilled cheese will indicate that this sandwich has stood the test of time, per Fresh Melt Grilled Cheese and Soup Company. But the invention of sliced bread, married with the release of processed cheese slices, birthed the modern version.

No matter what's involved in your favorite grilled cheese recipe, it's hard to go wrong with this combination. A Mashed exclusive survey showed that people have a true favorite when it comes to toppings for this sandwich.

Tomato tops the list of favorite toppings

Even the most amateur chefs can make a delicious grilled cheese sandwich. It's simple in nature and extremely difficult to mess up. While everyone has their own formula for the ultimate grilled cheese recipe, a Mashed exclusive survey indicated that there is a clear frontrunner in the breakdown of popular additions.

Of the 604 people surveyed, 37.25% said tomato was their favorite ingredient to add to a grilled cheese. Tomato dresses up this classic sandwich with a pop of color and burst of tang in each bite. Serious Eats reported that the contrasting taste and texture provided by slices of fresh tomato gives grilled cheese an instant upgrade.

The second most popular grilled cheese sandwich topping, according to the Mashed survey, requires a bit of prep on the back end. Caramelized onions took 19.87% of the votes. This option had only four more votes than the third most popular option, which was avocado. Pesto, spinach, and kimchi rounded out the votes with 10.43%, 8.11%, and 5.13%.