The Cracker Barrel Manager Text Mishap That Scandalized TikTok

It happens — you have to get something off your chest, whether it is a little gossip, an embarrassing moment, or something personal, but you accidentally send the text to the wrong person. Worse, you send the text to the person the message was about. Time stands still. In this era of instant communication, the text has already been delivered with no possible recourse. You deeply regret not getting the update from Apple that allows you to unsend messages. 

TikTok user Vicky @vicky.x0xo committed this classic faux pas at work when she texted her manager at Cracker Barrel instead of her boyfriend. To the tune of "Funky Town" by the Dance Queen Group, she details what went down. Vicky's manager decided to make an unsolicited comment. Apparently, Vicky sounded sick, and her manager commented that Vicky's "raspy voice sounded sexy." Understandably bothered, she texted her boyfriend about the incident. When he didn't reply, she checked her messages and realized she had sent those texts to her manager. "Eww bro my manager Richard said my voice sounds sexy like this. I said ewww I'm so uncomfortable rn," Vicky texted.

TikTok users are supportive, while Cracker Barrel continues to be in question

Users on TikTok commented commiserations and shared their own mishaps. One by the name @bella.esme93 said, "Girl I'd literally just quit and never go back [not] even for the check." As uncomfortable as this exchange was, it sounds like her manager should be mortified. Another user @bree.elle comments, "He should [have taken] that time to apologize and say sorry for making you feel uncomfortable." According to comments from Vicky, he never responded. He tried to talk to her in the break room, but she was on the phone and ignored him. He did, however, leave her off the schedule for the next week. 

This only adds to the scandals in Cracker Barrel history. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Cracker Barrel reached settlements regarding race and harassment at three locations in Illinois. The West Virginia Record discusses a sexual harassment lawsuit from a former employee out of Charleston, while Mother Jones details a gender discrimination lawsuit from a former employee in New Hampshire. They go on to assert that all official claims against Cracker Barrel have been proven and that the accusations against them "have been so numerous for so long that the addition of a new one does not speak well for the company's desire to change its ways," per Mother Jones. 

With no official response from Cracker Barrel, Vicky seems to be rolling with it and recovering from the misdirected texts. Though embarrassed at first, she knows where she stands, saying on TikTok, "he's [got to] feel more uncomfortable than me."