Heinz Is Bringing Back The Cherished Christmas Dinner In A Can

Aside from giving (and receiving) gifts, singing along to "All I Want For Christmas" on the radio, and binge-watching Hallmark Christmas movies, indulging in a massive feast is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the holiday season. Imagine a hearty meal that rivals that of Thanksgiving: juicy honey-glazed ham, mashed potatoes smothered in gravy, stuffing, roasted Brussels sprouts, dinner rolls dripping in butter, and don't even get us started on all the desserts.

If you're looking for a more unique way to enjoy the holiday meal without all of the prep work and hours spent in the kitchen, you're in luck. Heinz recently announced on Twitter that its Heinz Big Soup Christmas Dinner, which sold out last year within three hours, will be coming back (via Today). The canned soup — which comes in both original and vegan flavors — contains all the essentials of a British Christmas dinner, including turkey, stuffing balls, and cranberry. According to Heinz's website, it will only be available in select ASDA supermarkets in Great Britain, so Americans who want to try it may need to check eBay for cans.

It's received mixed reviews from customers

A reviewer at Today tried out the Heinz Big Soup Christmas Dinner and wasn't completely sold on it. To start, they said it smells like Spaghetti-Os yet tastes like Campbell's Chunky Vegetable (which is only helpful feedback if you've ever had either of those). "Turkey bits make a respectable if chewy showing. The carrots are obvious orange chunks of varying size," they describe. "All of it is soft as newly-fallen snow, and it all tastes exactly like the groth. There's a sweet-ish tomato flavor, and indeed the ingredients list tomato powder in the gravy mix. I can't taste any cranberry sauce at all." Overall, they said it's not horrible but not terrific — more of a fun gift to give someone than anything else. ("Groth," aka a combo of gravy and broth, is what the reviewer called the liquid in the can.)

YouTuber Poison Pixie also posted a video review of the Christmas Dinner soup. Her take? "It really tasted good. The more I was eating it, the nicer it got," she said, adding that some of her friends said they saw someone selling a can for 1,000 pounds on eBay. Seems it's a hot commodity (pun intended)!