RuPaul's Drag Race Queens Struggle With Spicy Thai Food In New Spinoff

For those of you who somehow missed the global phenomenon that is "RuPaul's Drag Race," the name refers to the host, famous drag queen, and "Supermodel" hitmaker RuPaul (per Billboard). (You may remember the catchy, campy song as an early-'90s hit that spent 20 weeks on the charts.) Originally on broadcast on the Logo network, the show features 13 of the best drag queens the nation has to offer competing against each other in competitions that prove that they have what it takes to be America's next drag superstar (via YouTube & IMDb). It's like "America's Next Top Model" but way more fun.

Now on VH1 and entering its 14th season, the beloved reality show has become so popular that it's spawned offshoots all over the world, including "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars," "RuPaul's Drag Race UK," "RuPaul's Drag Race UK vs the World," "Drag Race Holland," "RuPaul's Drag Race Down Under," "Drag Race Thailand," and many others (via RuPaul's Drag Race Fandom). 

With so many spinoffs, RuPaul can't possibly host them all. "Drag Race Thailand," now in its third season, is hosted by Pangina Heals and Art Arya. Interestingly enough, those other hosts can compete on "RuPaul's Drag Race UK vs the World." Pangina herself did compete on this other show and came in sixth. So grab your air fryer popcorn, because now she's back with a new show bringing together more queens from seasons past all across the globe (per YouTube).

Drag Race queens under fire

In her new show, called "Tongue Thai'd with Pangina Heals," Pangina brings back fan favorites from Drag Race franchises from around the world to come and kiki with her (per YouTube). But they're not just there to spill the tea; the friends and frenemies will be sharing a meal and the gossip won't be the only thing that's hot. The ladies will be sharing an authentic Thai meal of increasingly spicy dishes as Pangina asks increasingly probing questions and viewers at home can enjoy watching who cracks under the combined pressure. The new show will be available on WOW Presents Plus, a streaming service specializing in LGBTQ+ content and, of course, all things Drag Race (per FoodSided). The show will premiere on December 6th. 

While some might be excited to see the best Thai food you probably haven't tried yet and get some dinner inspo, many fans are chomping at their fake nails to see Pangina face off with Jimbo (per Bangkok Post). The two competed head to head in "RuPaul's Drag Race UK vs the World" and host Pangina sent Jimbo home from the competition. As we learn in the promo for the new series, she's not over it, with Jimbo saying she believes in karma because Pangina was eliminated the very next week. That's gonna be some hot tea to spill.