Pinterest Just Announced Its 2023 Food And Drink Trend Predictions

2022 is nearly over, and with the new year comes new food trends. Back in October, Whole Foods put out a press release considering what the top food trends of 2023 could be, based on the predictions of a board of foodie professionals who work for the company. While some of the findings sound familiar — think: vegan mac and cheese, pasta alternatives made from produce, dates in everything, and avocado oil — there are perhaps others you hadn't thought about eating before. These might include yaupon (a caffeinated holly plant often brewed into tea) and kelp (yup, the seaweed you can put in everything from chips to plant-based broths).

Pinterest, however, also puts out a list of upcoming food and beverage trends each holiday season — and the platform just dropped its own predictions based on an analysis of trends over the past few years. Last year, for example, Pinterest foresaw a rise in searches for "ancestral eats" after seeing phrases like "Filipino recipes authentic" and "traditional Russian food" trending on the platform. According to a report obtained by Mashed, 80% of the Pinterest predicted trends have come to fruition over the past three years. So, what will be the hottest food and drink trends for 2023?

It's all about florals, mocktails, and seaweed

Pinterest shared three of what it anticipates to be the most popular food trends of 2023, and let's just say they're all quite original. The first is a trend the platform calls "Wildflours," which will have bakers from all generations preparing flower-themed desserts, such as wildflower and daisy cupcakes, in their home kitchens. We're talking baked goods decorated to look like a bouquet, and even some prepared with real, edible flowers. Just thank searches for "herbal apothecary aesthetic," which are up 1025%, or "sage green cupcakes," up 210%, for the trend.

Headed out but not so keen on drinking? Worry not, peer pressure might be a little lighter in 2023, as another of Pinterest's food and drink trend predictions is something it's calling "Free Spirits," which centers around the idea that both cocktails and mocktails will be in vogue. Perhaps a rosemary pear mocktail tickles your fancy, or you're looking to become a pro at making fancy ice cubes. Searches for "fancy non alcoholic drinks" are up 220%, while those for "creative cocktails presentation" are up 555% among Pinterest users.

When it comes to the superfoods department, Pinterest predicts seaweed will be trending in 2023, thanks mostly to its health benefits. Different types of seaweed snacks, such as green algae and nori (searches for both are up 60%), have a plethora of positive side effects including being good for your digestive health and lowering your risk for cancer, according to Healthline.