The Healthy Ingredient Michael Symon Adds To His Baked Sweet Potatoes

Even if Thanksgiving has come and gone, one star of the holiday meal has a spot on our plates (and in our hearts) well beyond the festive season — the sweet potato. Sweet potato casserole gets a lot of attention around the holiday season, but the lovely orange root vegetable featured in this iconic dish can cross over from sweet to savory in a split second, according to Saveur.

The complex, versatile flavors of sweet potatoes can come in a number of different varieties, per Chef's Garden. For example, Burgundy sweet potatoes have a peppery and slightly salty flavor, along with the classic sweetness that these spuds are known for. Crown jewel sweet potatoes are perfect for frying because of their dense consistency.

Sweet potatoes also have nutrition coming out of their tubers, Healthline reported. They're full of vitamins, and they promote overall digestive health. Celebrity chef Michael Symon showed his fans how to amp up the health factor in their baked sweet potatoes by adding another nutrient-packed ingredient in a Nov. 10 Instagram post.

Symon's sweet potatoes have a nutty twist

Don't limit yourself to holiday favorites when it comes to cheffing up sweet potatoes. These tubers can act as your entree, appetizer, or dessert. Restaurateur and celebrity chef Michael Symon showed off his favorite way to eat this root vegetable in a Nov. 10 Instagram post. Symon first baked his sweet potatoes for about an hour before adding on his secret, crunchy topping.

While the potatoes were in the oven, Symon pulsed some toasted and cooled almonds in a food processor, in addition to mint leaves. Alternatively, you could use parsley if you don't have mint readily available. Then, he combined these ingredients with butter and seasoning and topped off his baked sweet potatoes.

Healthline reports that almonds have nutrition levels that rival the sweet potatoes themselves. Fiber, protein, and vitamin E are just a few of the health perks that you can gain from eating almonds with your dish.