David Lynch Had An Elaborate Bob's Big Boy Diner Ritual

David Lynch is a man of many talents. This American filmmaker is best known for being a director of cult movies and TV shows such as "Blue Velvet," "Mulholland Drive," "Eraserhead," and "Twin Peaks," among many others. Lynch's movies are famous for contrasting the mundane things from our daily lives "with the shockingly macabre" world that lies hidden beneath idyllic white picket fences (via Britannica). Lynch is not only a director and a screenwriter –– he's also very prolific in other arts, such as woodworking and painting, which was the man's ambition very early in life. 

If someone knows a thing or two about damn fine coffee, it's Lynch. He's known to drink copious amounts of the jet-black caffeinated beverage and even has his own line of coffee called David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee. In an interview for Vice, Lynch described a cup of coffee as "a good friend," and said that he drinks about ten cups of coffee per day but has no problem admitting that he used to drink 20 cups each day before that. 

The famous director even had an elaborate Bob's Big Boy diner ritual that involved – you guessed it – abundant amounts of coffee.

For seven years, David Lynch drank chocolate shakes and coffee in Bob's Big Boy

Bob's Big Boy is a Californian fast food restaurant that's most famous for its mascot and the original double-decker hamburger, which went on to inspire similar burgers in chains such as Burger King and McDonald's (via The Vintage News). However, Lynch didn't go to Big Boy to eat burgers. There are better things in life, such as coffee. Slate reports that Lynch was a regular at Bob's Big Boy for seven years, and his ritual consisted of drinking thick chocolate shakes served in silver goblets, and anywhere from four to seven cups of coffee with tons of sugar

It's no wonder that the man was on a sugar rush, as he reminisces that he "would get so many ideas." While drinking coffee, Lynch wrote all his ideas on napkins in the diner. Well, now we know where the ideas for those unique movies and TV shows originally came from. Lynch said that he "got a lot of ideas at Bob's," and considering that Bob is the name of the central villainous entity from "Twin Peaks," the diner might be the place of origin for the name of the character in the show (per Digital Spy). 

If you've seen "Twin Peaks," you know that coffee is the unifying thing in the show as well. So make a cup or two, and see if new ideas come to you just like they do to Lynch.