Why Science Says It Might Be Worthwhile To Chew With Your Mouth Open

If you've been looking forward to ending your day with a nice meal, or trying out a new restaurant in town, one of the last things you want is to lose your appetite before you can enjoy your food. Unfortunately, there are innumerable food-related crimes that can leave you turning your nose up in disgust. Per Now Decatur, the most common pet peeves when it comes to eating are talking with your mouth full, chewing loudly, slurping food, double-dipping, eating food off the floor, and chewing with your mouth open, which came in at third with 63% of votes.

According to SWNS Digital, 42% say they would end a first date early if their potential partner chews with their mouth open. And when it comes to calling their date out on the habit, 61% of millennials say they would, while the majority of Gen-Z'ers would just ignore it. But what if you found out chewing with your mouth open is beneficial? According to scientists, you might want to rethink your stance, per The Telegraph.

It enhances your overall dining experience

At risk of your friends never dining with you again, Professor Charles Spence from the University of Oxford believes you should start opening your mouth as you chew (per The Telegraph). Apparently, smacking your mouth while chewing helps enhance your food's flavor and aroma. "Chewing open mouthed may actually help to release more of the volatile organic compounds, contributing to our sense of smell and the overall perception," Spence said. So although it may ruin the appetite of everyone around you, it will heighten your personal dining experience.

If you decide to take up on Spence's guidance, don't be surprised when your loved ones begin asking the internet how to teach you table manners. This happened on Quora when an inquirer asked, "How do I politely tell people to stop chewing with their mouth open and not make sound while chewing?" One answer read, "You can't be polite about the impolite. Just tell them, 'Do you mind closing your mouth when you eat?' If they get mad, then say what you will." However, if you're curious to test out Professor Charles Spence's method, you could always do it on your own time when it can't disturb others.