Redditors Reminisce Over Taco Bell's Discontinued Rolled Chicken Tacos

Taco Bell has introduced a dizzying number of menu items over the years. Some, like Nacho Fries, are designed to be limited-time offerings that are strategically brought back at certain times of the year or offered at participating locations to generate social media buzz and stir up demand. Taco Bell has even involved fans in contributing ideas for Nacho Fries commercials (via PR Newswire).

Others, such as the enormously popular Mexican Pizza, were long-running menu staples that when removed, led to a public outcry among customers clamoring for its return. Now, the fan favorite is back as a permanent menu item (per Today). Then there are the popular discontinued Taco Bell items that have never made it back on the menu, some for good reason. Remember their Seafood Salad? If you blinked, you may have missed it because it was here today, gone tomorrow.

Yet there are certain discontinued Taco Bell items that although their removal didn't cause widespread customer outrage, they did still develop a cult following among devotees. Redditors on the forum r/tacobell reminisced about one such item: Rolled Chicken Tacos.

A Taco Bell hybrid?

User Thotdstroyer6969 posted a photo of the Rolled Chicken Tacos to the r/tacobell subreddit with the caption, "Really hope they'll be bringing these bad boys back." Several people agreed, with one exclaiming, "Those were FIRE. Really hope they come back as well." MissWestSeattle echoed those sentiments: "Hell yeah these were really good." ATLBravosfan13 proclaimed, "Loved these."

But not everyone was waxing nostalgic over a possible return of Rolled Chicken Tacos. One commenter scoffed, "I had them a couple times and thought they were terrible. Just dry chicken rollups." Another person concurred, remarking, "Yeah these were garbage in my opinion. I wasn't disappointed when they left."

Others proposed combining the Rolled Chicken Tacos with another menu item to create a new delicious Taco Bell hybrid. Contributor tkdyo stated, "They are ok on their own, but if they are going to bring them back yet again, I would like them to also have something different, like the enchilada burrito with them inside." Thotdstroyer was amenable to the concept, adding, "definitely something that would go amazing with another old menu item like the grilled stuft nacho." Looks like it might be time for the Taco Bell test kitchen to experiment with some mixing and matching. We want our #frankenburrito.