The Top Trending TikTok Recipe On Google In 2022 Was 'Green Goddess Dressing'

Move over, Cowboy. There's a new trend in TikTok land, and this time it's a goddess, so you'd better come off your high horse and make room for the lady in green. Although this year's second most-trending recipe on TikTok was Texas Caviar, the number one spot was earned by none other than the Green Goddess Dressing (via Google Trends).

TikTok shows no signs of slowing down as a popular social media platform. Its popularity stems partly from its ability to communicate content in an entertaining fashion. That means TikTok has emerged as a leading source of food inspiration for many users (per Vice), and ideas and recipes shared on the platform quickly reach a global audience, as shown during the global pandemic when recipes like Baked Feta Pasta went viral. 

Not all the food you see on TikTok is worth trying at home, though — for a lot of reasons. Sometimes, it's because the recipes simply make no sense — Punkee went so far as to call one famous video a "crime against humanity" and we're not sure that's an unfair assessment. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey has been famously horrified by numerous TikTok food trends and cooking videos. Certain "recipes" are simply dangerous, like the shockingly popular "toaster steak." And others — like the Kit Kat Cheesecake — are simple, easy, and potentially delicious,  but not exactly what the doctor ordered. 

Truly worthy of a goddess

Some of the most popular recipes on TikTok, however, are popular with dietitians and nutritionists as well as scrollers and cooks, and such is the case with the Green Goddess Salad, named chiefly for the dressing that goes on it. Like Texas Caviar (aka Cowboy Caviar), it has crossover appeal and works both as a salad and a dip: you can put the dressing on a salad, but it also works as a healthy condiment for whatever else you're fixing (via Bustle).

Melissa Ben-Ishay (@BakedbyMelissa) is the TikToker known for first sharing the recipe per Viral Recipes, and it's a keeper: the dressing is packed with greens, seasoned with fresh basil, lemon, and garlic, plus olive oil for heft and walnuts to give it a thicker consistency and a protein boost. The original salad featured cabbage, cucumber, and green onions, but TikTokers have noted its similarity to other condiments and have put it to good use in a variety of ways. Even with chips, it's a remarkably healthy choice. 

Green Goddess: she's number one for good reason.