The Tiktok Food Trend That Made Gordon Ramsay Gag

Broadening his audience, food television's most ruthless chef Gordon Ramsay joined TikTok back in 2020. Although he's currently receiving backlash from PETA and other animal activists due to an insensitive post in a lamb pen, the celebrity chef's profile is the most followed account in the U.K. (per Twitter). The celebrity chef's profile is an assortment of promotions, throwback clips, hot takes, and a whole mess of duets where he savagely rates other TikTok user's recipes.

An unsparing and foul-mouthed food expert, Ramsay is known for his criticisms of even the world's finest chefs. And while he may not be throwing Hell's Kitchen-style tantrums, he's certainly not holding back on TikTok. In one reaction video to vegan beef wellington, the merciless chef calls the dish a "turd wellington" screaming "Jesus! God! NO!" In another video of Ramsay reacting to Vienna sausage dessert and condemning the abomination, one user commented, "you can tell Gordon is trying to censor himself." But one viral recipe almost broke the hot-headed chef.

'Pilk' cheese had Gordon Ramsay in shambles

The creators behind the TikTok account Mythical Kitchen, who have previously had beef with Gordon Ramsay, feature popular recipes, celebrity interviews, and cooking hacks. A generally non-problematic source for kitchen tips and meal inspiration, Josh, of Mythical Kitchen, posted a seriously disturbing cheese recipe that calls for "pilk" — a combination of milk and Pepsi.

The video unfolds as Josh brings the pilk to a boil, before it coagulates into brown curds. He then transfers the curds to a cheesecloth, sprinkles them with salt, strains them, and after letting it sit for a day, sprinkles the "pilk cheese" on avocado toast. Perhaps predictably, Ramsay was not having the creation, saying it looks like a "cat's turd" (via TikTok). He also went on to cry out, "it's not good for you, kid!" before closing out the video with a resounding "NO!"

Despite its odd flavor profile, pilk has actually been around for decades. The unusual beverage was born from the 1970's sitcom "Laverne and Shirley," which followed a pair of roommates as they navigated adulthood together. Instead of a glass of wine or a cold pint of beer, Laverne's drink of choice was pilk (per Popsugar). Since then, pilk has actually been widely enjoyed by strange food connoisseurs and is likened to the taste of a root beer float. Sorry Gordon, it looks like pilk is here to stay.