Seth MacFarlane Gives The Rundown On His New Bear Fight Whiskey

Seth MacFarlane has just joined the extensive list of Hollywood stars with alcohol brands. Per Business, the number of celebrity-owned alcohol companies is higher than ever, with its growth coinciding with the normalization of liquor consumption. "Alcohol was always taboo, and many of these royalty agreements used to contain morality clauses," CEO of The Helmsman Group Mark Haas explained. "Today, alcohol doesn't seem to be the forbidden territory it once was. Celebrities are free to engage in marketing, and spirits [are] more lucrative equity territory."

In October, Seth MacFarlane signed on as chief storyteller for Bear Fight Whiskey after becoming a large stakeholder in the company (per PR Newswire). Initially released in May 2022, Bear Fight is an American Single Malt Whisky with a $39.99 price tag. The beverage, which is intended to combine the flavors of whiskey and bourbon, is aged three years and includes flavors such as candied pecans, red apples, sherry, and several others. With his excitement intact, MacFarlane spoke about the brand on a recent podcast episode (via Spotify).

A bottle of Bear Fight Whiskey is only $39.99

Actor Seth MacFarlane spoke on a recent podcast episode of The Adam Carolla Show about his partnership with Bear Fight Whiskey (via Spotify). When asked how the collaboration came to be, MacFarlane responded, "As you well know, I've always been someone who enjoys their spirits. And I enjoy bears. So this was kind of a convergence, I couldn't say no." As a former Jack Daniels drinker, MacFarlane feels that Bear Fight Whiskey has something different about it. "It has a nice smoky, vanilla flavor with a sweet sherry finish," he said, before making fun of himself for speaking in liquor etiquette.

Carolla, who was sent a few bottles of Bear Fight to enjoy, was surprised when the price was $39.99. Due to its higher proof and celebrity endorsement, he figured it would be $100. MacFarlane admitted that the brand came to him rather than the opposite, but it doesn't change how must he enjoys the result. "This is tasty stuff. And so I said 'sign me up.' And the bear part of it just made it a no-brainer," he said. "Three-year-old, single malt whiskey. Tastes like scotch."

In a press release, Anthony Moniello of Next Century Spirits revealed that MacFarlane was chosen because "his personality and work push the envelope just like Bear Fight." MacFarlane is known for his television show "Family Guy," which he's won five Emmys for in his career.