Which Mexican Breakfast Dish Would You Most Like To Try? Here's What Foodies Say - Exclusive Survey

Over the years, the breakfast realm has grown a little more interesting. Traditional porridge has been transformed by the introduction of baked oatmeal. Boring buttered toast has been elevated by the avocado. Cereal has been revolutionized by almond milk, oat milk, and a bevy of other cow's milk replacements. And that's not all. Americans might also find themselves looking to international cuisines for ways to add some zing to this first meal of the day.

America has already embraced the Italian frittata, the French omelet, and the Canadian appreciation for maple syrup. But will people increasingly look south of the border for inspiration? A press release by Technavio reveals that the sales of Mexican foods are expected to grow by $113.85 billion between 2021 and 2026. A huge boon to Mexican dishes is that they are affordable and can be easily modified if supply chain issues make certain ingredients difficult to secure (via Food Institute). And, of course, they're delicious.

Mashed was interested in which Mexican breakfast dishes people wanted to try out. So respondents were asked to choose among huevos rancheros, chilaquiles, Mexican scrambled eggs, tamales, and mollettes. Here are the most and least popular answers.

Huevos Rancheros have the greatest appeal

When Mashed asked 582 participants which Mexican breakfast dish they'd most like to try, three contenders clearly stood out. Huevos Rancheros came out on top with 28.18% of the votes. The runner-up was tamales with a respectable 25.6% of the nods and the third-place finisher was Mexican scrambled eggs garnering 22.34% of the thumbs-up. Chilaquiles came in fourth with 16.67% and mollettes finished last with 7.22% choosing it.

If you haven't yet come face-to-face with huevos rancheros, Simply Recipes describes it as "fried eggs served on lightly fried corn tortillas and smothered in cooked salsa." When the yolks break, they coat the salsa and tortillas with eggy goodness. If this dish has excited your taste buds, you may want to try this Huevos Rancheros Recipe. The number two choice, tamales, is described as a dough made from corn that is stuffed with beans or meat accompanied by cheese. As Britannica notes, localized variations of this dish number in the dozens. And, Mexico In My Kitchen says that Mexican scrambled eggs (a.k.a. Huevos a la Mexicana) impart the bold flavors of onions, tomatoes, and jalapeƱo (or serrano) peppers. Who says that breakfast has to revolve around cereal, toast, or even waffles? Certainly not people who enjoy these dishes to start the day.