37% Of People Think This Is The Best Cheese For Grilled Cheese - Mashed Survey

For many of us, it's a dish that dates back to our childhoods, but the history of grilled cheese goes back quite a bit longer than that. Try a few thousand years longer — recipes for toasted cheese on bread have been dated back to ancient Rome, according to Daily Beast. In more modern times, people have started dressing up their grilled cheese recipes creations with all manner of add-ins ranging from no-brainers like bacon to trendy ones such as figs and roasted beets, but at the heart of the matter (or the sandwich) is the cheese itself. What type of cheese is the best one to use in a sandwich? It's all a matter of personal preference, which means yes, you guessed it, it's time to bust out yet another exclusive Mashed survey.

This time around, we grilled 604 readers regarding their choice of cheese, giving them five from which to pick: American, cheddar, colby jack, mozzarella, and provolone. While each cheese has its fans, when the results were tabulated, we found that the majority of pollees opted for a fairly standard version of the sandwich.

American cheese for the win

Perhaps harking back to simpler times, 37.09% of our poll respondents went with good old American as their chosen cheese. After all, this may have been the first cooking project many of us ever mastered: Unwrap cheese slice, stick between two slices of buttered bread, then fry until the cheese melts.

30.3% of our readers, however, went for the classic grilled cheese upgrade, that being cheddar. (This cheese works particularly well for sandwiches made with ham or apple slices.) The mild colby jack came in a fairly distant third with just 15.07% of the votes, while mozzarella, a cheese many prefer to save for pizza, pulled in a mere 11.26%. Way in the rear was the underrated provolone, a cheese favored by only 6.29%. While provolone may not make for the most flavorful stand-alone sandwich, we recommend trying it in an Italian-inspired grilled cheese with sliced tomatoes, basil, and oregano or perhaps a slice of prosciutto.