Domino's Will Once Again Tip You For Ordering Carry-Out

First introduced in early 2022, the promotion that rewards Domino's carryout customers with an incentive has returned. Though it's a nice perk for customers, it also benefits the company as it combats staffing issues, according to Business Insider. In October of 2021, CEO Richard Allison revealed that Domino's was struggling to find enough drivers to keep up with deliveries, which prompted the brand to encourage customers to carry out instead.

The situation was much different when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its height. A Domino's spokesperson, Jenny Fouracre-Petko, revealed to Newsweek that delivery was much more common during that time. "While Domino's is known for delivery we have been growing a strong carry-out business for many years. During the pandemic, we saw declines in carry-out orders, as customers pivoted to more delivery." Despite the true reasoning behind the promotion, pizza fans seemed to enjoy it the first time; per a press release, more than 17 million tips were rewarded to carry-out customers at that time.

Domino's $3 Carryout Tip details

As revealed in a press release, Domino's will be offering $3 to carry-out customers from now until March 26, 2023 to encourage consumers to pick up their own pizza. The discount isn't applied to the initial order but is rather available for the following week if another purchase is made. In order to receive the incentive, you must spend at least $5 at the store. The deal can also be combined, meaning that several carry-out offers can be used at once to further drive the price down. Domino's senior vice president Christopher Thomas-Moore explained the reasoning for the discount: Leaving the house is sometimes not ideal, which is why he calls carry-out customers "carryout heroes."

However, according to a Reddit thread from the early 2022 promotion, the delivery drivers who are still on board feel cheated by the deal. "[The promotion is] very much working. In fact, I worked a four-hour shift yesterday and only took three deliveries and only one person tipped me. It's hurting the drivers bad," one comment read. Another driver wrote, "I get less than $3 on most deliveries." Hopefully, the company can work together with employees to find a middle ground that works for everyone.