TikTok Is In Shock After Paul Hollywood Was In A 'Normal' Kitchen Judging A Tart

One of the things we love about social media is the ability to see celebrities in their natural habitat. Or even unnatural habitats that just aren't the ones we're used to seeing them in, as is the case of a recent TikTok showing "The Great British Bake Off" judge Paul Hollywood critiquing a baked good in an ordinary kitchen — which some fans mistook for his home. As the very visible recording equipment in the video heavily alludes to, this video was taken as part of a recent appearance on the podcast "Table Manners."

However, it is someone's real home and not the familiar GBBO tent where we usually see Hollywood handing out reviews. The video still gives us a peak into off-duty Hollywood, who's a sight nicer than his on-screen persona. And while he was in a more "normal" looking setting than the massive white tent on the show, Hollywood still made sure to hand out a straight forward assessment of the baked good before him.

A Hollywood moment at home

The Table Manners podcast, hosted by British singer Jessie Ware, welcomed "Great British Bake Off" judge Paul Hollywood to Season 14, Episode 11 of the show. Ware's mum, Lennie, bakes a Tarte Normande and awaits the Hollywood judgment — and surely hopes for a coveted Hollywood handshake.

As fans noted, Hollywood, "knew before he even saw it" that the tart was underdone (per TikTok). "He asked how long it was baked I bet he could tell by the color." Indeed, he could. Hollywood immediately asks how long the tart was baked for and whether the oven was in fact on. While Ware and her mom express affront at the cheekiness of his comment, the proof was in the pudding. After the tart is sliced up, it's soggy bottoms all around. Lennie questions where she went astray from the recipe, as Hollywood ladles out bits of soggy bottom. Hollywood explains that each oven is set a bit differently, but you can tell by the color whether a tart is done.

While the tart wasn't able to wow Hollywood, perhaps next week will be better for Ware and Lennie. The podcast will end its current season with a GBBO kick (per Table Manners), as it welcomes Season 6 winner Nadiya Hussain (per Nadiya Hussain).