Grubhub's Most Ordered Dish Of The Year Was A Burrito

Takeout can be a great option; a reward, a time saver, or just when you're feeling too beat to cook that night. In the modern era, more of us reach for apps like Grubhub than calling local pizza parlors or Chinese food spots that might deliver — especially since Grubhub's new partnership includes convenience store deliveries. In 2020, Americans placed an average of 622,700 Grubhub orders per day, according to Statistica. While the site has no data available for 2021 or 2022, the numbers were trending steadily upward even before the big jump seen during the pandemic. Pre-pandemic numbers saw an average of 492,300 per day in 2019. 

While we don't know exactly how many orders were placed in 2022, we know what many orders were placed for. While 2021 was ruled by classy red wine, according to a Grubhub press release, this year it was all about the beer. App users chose to crack one open from the comfort of home. That most casual of cocktails, the margarita, came in second, followed by hot sake, piña coladas, and sauvignon blanc in the top five, knocking red wine entirely off the list for 2022.

Perhaps those margaritas were meant to pair with the most ordered meal of the year; a familiar, hand-held favorite.

All hail the burrito

All in all, 2022 was a casual food-ordering year, with cheeseburgers beating out other favorites like California rolls, caesar salad, and boneless chicken wings for the second most-popular slot, according to Grubhub. But the meal that reigned supreme: burritos. The hand-held eat was the year's most-ordered dish, with a whopping 4 million burritos. To honor the occasion and pay homage to the humble burrito's win, Chipotle will be celebrating with $5 off $20 orders for Grubhub+ members for the rest of December. The offer can be redeemed multiple times, up to once a day, and no promo code is necessary. The offer will work automatically at check-out.

Those who wanted a sweet with their meal stuck with the layers, but rather layers of puff pastry or genoise. The most popular desserts of 2022 were Italian classic Tiramisu, ordered 44,000 times, and the quintessential Greek dessert Baklava, which brought smiles to 35,000 customers. If you wanted coffee with your dessert, you probably got it iced. Iced coffee was the most ordered coffee this year, followed by hot coffee. This year, oat milk surpassed almond milk 4:1 as the non-dairy milk of choice to give that iced coffee the perfect creamy flavor.

The new cuisines we loved to try this year were Australian food, up 531% from last year; South African food, up 294% from last year; and Cambodian food, up 4% from last year.