McDonald's Is Releasing Frappés With Macarons, But Only In Japan

Companies that are as big as McDonald's need to constantly be innovating to stay relevant. When McDonald's shifted from its original focus of BBQ to burgers in 1948, the new menu only boasted nine items and sold chips instead of French fries, according to the company's website. The chain's famed chicken nuggets didn't even make it onto the nationwide menu until 1983. Since then, McDonald's has introduced new items, taken away some offerings (RIP, Supersized menu), and even has an unofficial secret menu.

Drive to any McDonald's today, and you'll be able to order a handful of dessert options, fried chicken, sandwiches, and even frosted beverages. Among those colder options is McDonald's riff on Starbucks' Frappuccino: the Frappé. Two of the more standard flavors you probably find on the menu are caramel and mocha, but in true McDonald's fashion, the chain often releases limited-edition flavors. The Oreo Frappé included bits and pieces of real Oreo cookies along with a little coffee. 2012's Chocolate Chip Frappé combined mocha and caramel flavors, as well as chocolate chips (per Brand Eating). For the winter season, McDonald's is releasing yet more limited-edition Frappés, but there is one small catch. You can't order these at an American drive-thru ... or many other drive-thrus for that matter.

Offering dessert with a side of coffee

To state the obvious, McDonald's has locations all over the world. But it will not have this new Frappé everywhere. People in Japan – where there are more than 3,700 locations, according to Dun & Bradstreet – will be able to try it, though. According to Brand Eating, McDonald's Japan has released a Salted Butter Caramel Frappé flavor. The kicker? This creation comes with a vanilla macaron on the side. The flavor is achieved by blending peanuts, rock salt, caramel paste, and even fermented butter. For those who don't like caramel or also like chocolate, McDonald's and Godiva Chocolate joined forces to create a Chocolate Frappé that's paired with a chocolate macaron.

This isn't the first time the Golden Arches released a unique Frappé for that part of the globe. In 2021, the chain rolled out the Uji Matcha Frappe. The drink was flavored with matcha tea, with an option to add black honey and brown sugar syrup. Customers have also McDonald's Japan has also been known to offer regional treats, like the Green Tea and Oreo McFlurry. On top of all those innovative items, the chain still has classics like hot apple pie.