Trader Joe's New Minty Cocoa Truffles Have Seriously Split Fans

Trader Joe's shoppers keep their eyes peeled for a number of seasonal snacks once the winter holidays come around, including the chain's fan-favorite Jingle Jangle and Candy Cane Joe-Joe's. Until recently, TJ's cocoa truffles were also on that list. However, likely to the delight of many, the melt-in-your-mouth treats are now available year-round. Said to pair wonderfully with a glass of Champagne, these sweets are "rich" and "decadent," the grocer describes, though there has been plenty of buzz about them elsewhere on the internet, as well. "The Cocoa Truffles are DIVINE," one Redditor declared in February, while another insisted that they "taste waaay more expensive than they actually are."

That being said, it would appear that the bold red boxes of cocoa truffles are a TJ's dessert that should be in your kitchen right now (and maybe always, for that matter). Yet despite all the hype, Trader Joe's seems to think this hit dessert has one flaw. "While undeniably delicious, they're also pretty basic," the grocer admitted, which is why, this year, it began offering shoppers a different take on the classic treat. Making their debut at Trader Joe's this holiday season, minty cocoa truffles have already landed in the carts of several shoppers, including Instagram user @traderjoeslist.

"Those are beautiful," the Instagrammer said in their on-camera review of the truffles this week. But while many other shoppers agreed, several more aren't finding them quite as sweet.

Some love the new truffles, while others think they're 'disappointing'

For @traderjoeslist, it only took one bite of Trader Joes' new minty cocoa truffles to get hooked. "They're really light, super soft, almost like a fluffy consistency," the Instagrammer said in a post on Monday, December 12. "Oh my goodness, those are phenomenal. Put these on, like, one of your holiday snack boards and they'll go so fast," they added.

In the comments section, several people agreed — and not just because the sweet treats cost just $2.99 a pack. "I'm in love with these. It's not a good thing lol," wrote user @jenpants111. "These are DANGEROUSLY DELICIOUS!!" said another, while user @kkat511 claimed they "taste even better frozen." But while their advice may be welcomed by some, other TJ's shoppers can't bear the new truffles.

"Love mint. Love the red box of truffles. Didn't like these at all!" Instagram user @jenjen410 commented. "Hated them and thought they tasted like toothpaste," said another, while others took issue with the vegetable and palm oils on the ingredients list. More hate was spewed toward the candies on Reddit, where one person called them "disappointing," saying they "smell like paint thinner and don't taste much better."

With the verdict split, it may be hard to decide if you should purchase TJ's new minty cocoa truffles. If you do decide to give them a try, they can always be returned if you're left unsatisfied.