Foodies Told Mashed Which Themed Restaurant They Would Most Like To Visit In Las Vegas

Everything is bigger and brighter in Las Vegas, including the food scene, according to Thrillist. From celebrity chefs to local haunts to the infamous buffet lines, Vegas has it all, including a number of themed restaurants. These establishments, which center around providing a memorable dining experience focused on a single concept, give Las Vegas an element that's unique to other cities like it. Hotels and Casinos take on themes of their own, but the themed restaurant scene has its own history.

Themed restaurants took off in the '90s when Steven Spielberg opened Dive! at the Fashion Show Mall, per Best Of Las Vegas. Even though the business folded by the end of the decade, a number of restaurants that embodied themes of their own began to pop up on the Strip. Popular spots like Planet Hollywood and the Hard Rock Cafe are examples of themed restaurants that blossomed in the 90s and are still around today.

A Mashed exclusive survey revealed the themed restaurants of Las Vegas that food lovers most want to visit.

Vegas visitors flock to the rainforest

Themed restaurants provide an immersive eating experience, according to Delighted Cooking. They're most often located in areas with high tourism traffic, and Las Vegas is no exception. Mashed's exclusive survey uncovered the over-the-top theme restaurant people most want to visit in Sin City.

Foodies most wanted to dine at the Rainforest Cafe, the survey indicated. Out of 582 people, 25.77% reported that they'd opt to go there. This jungle-oriented restaurant opened in 1997, per Best of Las Vegas, and has stood the test of time.

Top Of The World Restaurant came in second place for the most coveted themed dining experience, earning only ten fewer votes than the winner. This upscale spot sits inside the Stratosphere Casino and promises impressive 360-degree views of the city from a height of 844 feet, reported.

Survey participants also favored the Heart Attack Grill, which garnered 15.64% of votes.