Oreo Is Finally Dropping Gluten-Free Mint Cookies

For many of us, Oreo cookies bring back the nostalgia of childhood. If you grew up in the '90s and watched "The Parent Trap" you learned from Lindsay Lohan that Oreos can indeed be eaten in non-traditional ways. While some people prefer to dunk their entire cookie in milk until it's nice and soggy, the company's official marketing team found the best way to enjoy Oreos is to "twist, lick, and dunk" (per Best Products). While we can give credit to Lohan for unofficially creating the peanut butter Oreo, it wasn't long before the company released its own version.

Biscuit People reports that Oreo's first flavor outside of its original chocolate and vanilla was lemon cream. Though it was shortly discontinued, the cookie company continued to roll out several different Oreo flavors, like candy corn and birthday cake. Oreo tailors its flavors to its customer base, including its international market. Outside of America, you can find Oreo flavors like green tea, Alfajor, and coconut (per The Travel). For those with some dietary restrictions are a great option, considering the cookies have been both vegan and Kosher since 1998 when the company replaced lard with vegetable oil (per VegNews). While this was a good start, those with gluten intolerances weren't able to enjoy the cookies. That is until Oreo released its first gluten-free cookie in 2021 — and now there's a new mint offering.

Gluten-free cookie fans won't have to wait long

Oreo launched its gluten-free cookies with only 2 options, the original chocolate and vanilla cream, and Double Stuf. While this was a great start, Oreo surprised fans by announcing the newest gluten-free option on Twitter. The newest permanent addition is mint-flavored Oreos, and according to People, the cookies will hit the shelves in January 2023. After Oreo announced the news on Instagram, fans were quick to share their joy. One user wrote, "My FAVORITE flavor I can eat again!!! Thank you!!!" while another shared, "Omg can't wait."

For those who want to enjoy their gluten-free cookies in a new way, Oreo offers up a ton of recipes for cakes, brownies, and cookies. The new gluten-free cookies and gluten-free flour would make great substitutes when whipping up some of these recipes. One of the easiest recipes is a copycat Oreo Blizzard, with only 2 ingredients. Instead of using regular Oreos, people have their choice of gluten-free Oreos or the new gluten-free mint Oreos for a minty treat.