Taco Bell Is Testing New Versions Of The Beloved Mexican Pizza

We all know the story by now: Taco Bell got rid of the Mexican Pizza in 2020 to "streamline" the menu during the pandemic. Everyone was devastated. We protested, signed petitions, messaged Taco Bell on Facebook. And then, in September 2022, our wish was granted and the Mexican Pizza returned permanently to the menu.

Since the Mexican Pizza has returned, people can't stop talking about it. Sure, some are thrilled to have the Mexican Pizza back on the menu, but others, such as the Taco Bell community on Reddit, are extremely disappointed. Many have suggested that Taco Bell changed the recipe, or maybe we all just built it up in our heads while it was away? Who knows.

Regardless of whether or not Taco Bell actually did change the Mexican Pizza's recipe, the chain is currently testing two new variations of the popular menu item. Nothing will ever replace the original Mexican Pizza in our hearts, but hey, it's nice to have options.

Two Mexican Pizza spin-offs

If you love Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza, prepare yourself for more items to love. And if you don't love Taco Bell's original Mexican Pizza, well, there's two new versions you may love. According to The Takeout, these new Mexican Pizzas will be available only in Oklahoma City, Okla., and Omaha, Neb., starting December 22.

The first of the two is the Cheesy jalapeño Mexican Pizza. Per CNN, this is a "cheesier and spicier" version of the original Mexican Pizza, topped with jalapeños and nacho cheese. The second variation is the Triple Crunch Mexican Pizza, which is essentially the original Mexican Pizza with an additional layer of meat, beans, and tortilla shell.

Although you could try to customize an original Mexican Pizza to make either of these new options, you'll also have to pay a hefty upcharge for the extra ingredients. All we can really suggest at this point is to hope that testing goes well, and Taco Bell rolls out the Cheesy Jalapeño and Triple Crunch Mexican Pizzas across the entire country soon.