There's Something Big Missing From Whole Foods' Holiday Snack Lineup

Christmas is just around the corner and grocery stores have been stocking their shelves all month with goodies fit for a holiday party. To spread the cheer, Whole Foods Market shared all the holiday goods fans should look out for in a blog post. One item was hot-cocoa-flavored ice cream sandwiches, a product that several claimed they "needed" last year on Instagram. Another was its cinnamon pull-apart bread mix, which also left a few impressed on social media. "Whoa. That's an amazing find," one comment read.

This year, the brand made an Instagram announcement to hype fans up for the holiday treats. Among the listed items were mint chocolate popcorn, white chocolate gingerbread bark, and s'mores bites. The video left many Whole Foods' shoppers rightfully excited as they wrote comments like, "It has taken all of me not to buy all of these every week," but one demographic of shoppers realized they were left out as they perused the offerings highlighted by Whole Foods.

Vegan options were scarce

Though a lot of shoppers were excited after Whole Foods revealed its holiday treats in an Instagram video, those following the vegan lifestyle were a bit disappointed. When one fan asked which treats are vegan, someone responded their beliefs that the only vegan option is mini candy canes. "We need some vegan s'mores," the initial commenter wrote back, later stating that they "just want to take part in the fun." The other user agreed, saying, "It would be nice if they had more vegan holiday snack options."

On Whole Foods' website, the brand shared recipes of several vegan holiday treats in 2015. The major downside? They each have to be prepared and cooked unlike some of the non-vegan options available. The shared treats include vegan mocha pie, apple-cranberry muesli crisp, thumbprint cookies, double chocolate cake, date-pecan pumpkin pie, raspberry cheesecake bites, and apple pie. 

It seems as though vegans will have their celebration after all — it just might have to take a bit of extra work.