Secret Menu Items From Biggby Coffee You Need To Try

The Midwestern restaurant chain Biggby Coffee began as a single cafe in Lansing, Michigan. The brand presents inclusivity and community-building as its core principles and currently has over 200 locations and counting. One of the brand's menu highlights is its sheer volume of drink options. The extensive, ever-growing menu includes traditional coffee beverages, flavored lattes, smoothies, and more. In addition, customers can alter most items for lower-calorie or sugar-free diets and choose from several non-dairy milk options. The chain even offers a separate kid-friendly menu, which includes latte-inspired drinks minus the coffee, a rarity among popular coffee shops

Despite all of this variety, Biggby Coffee fans have still created secret menu recipes that put a unique twist on the chain's regular offerings. The brand actively encourages its fan base to get creative with its signature drinks, so it's no surprise that social media offers dozens of menu hacks and experimental flavors. Over the years, customers and fans have crafted recipes that revive discontinued flavors, combine old favorites, and help save money. Even for those who don't like coffee, the secret menu offers plenty of customizable drinks that are sure to become staple orders. 

The Terra

Building a customer-centric community is at the heart of Biggby Coffee's mission statement, and one location demonstrates this company principle with a secret menu drink. An employee posted a video on TikTok showcasing The Terra, inspired by one of the location's customer's signature drink orders. To order it, simply ask for an iced coffee with five pumps of caramel sauce and two espresso shots. Then, add cream and top it with sweet foam. This drink recipe is straightforward but packs plenty of caffeine for those who need extra energy from their coffee drinks.

In a taste test, the TikToker notes that this creation is more bitter than sweet. She explains in the comment section that she enjoys bold coffee flavors but expected the caramel and sweet foam to counteract it. The customer who inspired this drink expressed her approval in the video's comment section, but other commentators expressed concerns about the beverage's high caffeine content. The Terra may not be an excellent option for those with caffeine sensitivities, but it's perfect for customers who like their coffee strong and minimally flavored. For those who prefer dairy-free milk options, substitute soy milk for the cream in this recipe.

Minty Melon Frozen Lemonade

Restaurant employees concoct many of Biggby Coffee's best secret menu drinks and frequently post their creations on social media. For example, one Kentucky location posted a recipe inspired by one of its baristas on Instagram. The minty melon frozen lemonade is one of many possible fruity combinations for a Creme Freeze smoothie. Most of these smoothies are either coffee or fruit-based, and Biggby Coffee offers soy milk for those who prefer non-dairy milk options. According to the Instagram post, this secret menu recipe combines lemonade, watermelon, and subtle notes of mint. 

The lemonade and watermelon create an excellent balance of sweet and tart flavors, while the mint adds a cooling factor. The post also suggests adding Red Bull to this frozen lemonade creation for an extra energy boost. This option offers a unique twist on the Red Bull Creme Freeze, a menu staple featuring the popular energy drink. However, the recipe works just as well without this addition. This frozen beverage is an excellent choice for people who don't like coffee but still want something cold and refreshing on a warm day. Unfortunately, the frosted mint flavor is seasonal, but customers can enjoy the lemonade-watermelon combination year-round.

Cotton Candy Latte

Occasionally, coffee chains release unique drinks to celebrate fun, obscure holidays. For example, in honor of National Cotton Candy Day, Biggby Coffee briefly added a cotton candy latte to its drink menu. According to one location's Facebook page, this drink combines raspberry, blueberry, and marshmallow coffee syrups in a traditional latte. The cotton candy latte is equally delicious hot or iced depending on customer preference. However, since Biggby Coffee only featured this drink for a limited time, it is now considered a secret menu item.

Customers can still order this carnival-inspired creation by asking for a latte with equal parts of all three flavor syrups. Since this chain offers such a wide variety of fruity flavor syrups, it's possible to tweak this recipe and create other cotton candy creations. For example, customers can try blackberry syrup in place of either raspberry or blueberry in the original drink. The recipe would also work with just one fruity syrup mixed with the marshmallow flavor, such as an equal combination of raspberry and marshmallow. Customers can order the latte with either cream or soy milk without altering the cotton candy taste. The range of possibilities for this secret menu option is limited only by a coffee drinker's imagination. 

Caramel Poison Apple

TikTok is an excellent source for secret menu items, and the employees at one Biggby Coffee shop frequently share seasonal menu hacks for their followers to try. In one video, the team gives customers a sneak preview of several recipes that use some of the chain's most popular fall flavors. One of the recipes they suggest is called a Caramel Poison Apple, pictured as a frozen drink drizzled with caramel and topped with whipped cream. In the video comments, the employee explains that this beverage is a green apple frozen steamer with extra caramel syrup. A frozen steamer is essentially a smoothie, so this secret menu drink is rich, sweet, and creamy.

Of course, calorie-conscious customers can easily modify this beverage by excluding the whipped cream and extra caramel topping. For the caramel swirl inside the cup, consider swapping the traditional syrup for sugar-free caramel. A Caramel Poison Apple is just one of many apple-flavored beverage combinations customers can create at Biggby Coffee. 

Unfortunately, the brand only features its green apple syrup during the fall. For Biggby Coffee fans who want to enjoy the tart flavor year-round, the coffee chain offers a customizable Biggby Blast energy drink called Green Lagoon on its standard menu. It's not as decadent and creamy as a Caramel Poison Apple, but it does feature a similar refreshing fruit flavor.

Almond Joy Latte

Candy bar-inspired coffee drinks combine two items many people love, and the Biggby Coffee secret menu offers several options for customers to try. For example, one employee created an Instagram post featuring a recipe for an Almond Joy-flavored latte. According to the post, this recipe combines mocha, coconut, and marshmallow flavor syrups with a traditional latte. Although the recipe doesn't specify ratios for the syrups, an equal amount of each would likely achieve the desired flavor profile. In addition, the photo of the drink includes whipped cream and chocolate syrup for extra decadence, but calorie-conscious coffee drinkers can omit these toppings if desired.

This candy-inspired coffee is undeniably sweet, so it may not be a favorite among those who prefer a subtler flavor to their coffee. However, those who are passionate about chocolate bars will surely enjoy this concoction. As with many Biggby Coffee drinks, this latte is very easy to customize. For example, as the Instagram post points out, customers can enjoy frozen or iced Almond Joy lattes. However, the flavor mixture would also work as a hot latte during colder seasons. Furthermore, the poster suggests using almond milk, but customers could substitute regular cream for a richer consistency.

Cookie Bear

Many signature drinks on the Biggby Coffee menu have cute names, like the Bear Cub Creme Freeze or the Nutty Squirrel latte. In the spirit of this drink-naming tradition, one employee posted a video on TikTok for a secret menu drink called Cookie Bear. According to the TikToker, this original creation combines the best of two smoothie flavors from the standard menu: Teddy Bear and chocolate chip cookie. To order, ask for a chocolate chip cookie Creme Freeze with caramel and white lightning syrups added. These two syrups are the primary flavors in a Teddy Bear, which is available on its own as a smoothie or latte.

The video shows that the basic chocolate chip smoothie contains half of its namesake cookie, along with milk and ice. Adding white lightning (essentially white chocolate) and sweet caramel makes this dessert-like drink perfect for anyone with a serious sweet tooth. The TikToker tops it off with whipped cream and extra caramel for garnish. They also suggest adding coffee to this concoction to turn it into a frozen coffee drink. Coffee would also help balance some of the over-the-top sweetness in the Cookie Bear, as would omitting the whipped cream and caramel syrup topping.

Budget Latte

Many people enjoy ordering their favorite coffee drinks every morning, but this daily habit can become expensive. For those who love iced lattes but are concerned about the cost, one TikTok user has a solution. They created a menu hack that allows customers to order a small iced coffee drink that tastes like a latte but costs far less. The drink combines two shots of espresso, one pump of vanilla, and sweet foam in a small cup. It's a simple creation that, according to the TikToker, costs under $4 at their local Biggby Coffee shop. 

Since this recipe includes only a few components, coffee fans can customize the flavor. For example, customers can easily add a sweetener to balance the bold flavor of the espresso. Furthermore, the TikToker orders this budget latte over ice, but it could easily be enjoyed hot. The sweet foam has a subtly creamy taste that blends well with any flavor, so customers can easily substitute the vanilla in this recipe for another option. This drink is excellent for coffee enthusiasts who like their favorite beverage strong and lightly sweetened. However, those who dislike the natural bitter notes in coffee may want to stick to traditional lattes instead.  

Sweet Foam Mocktail

At Biggby Coffee, mocktails are fruity blended drinks with Red Bull as their base. These drinks are perfect for caffeine fanatics who dislike the flavor of coffee. Customers can order a mocktail with any fruit flavor, but the standard menu options are strawberry, raspberry, and berry blast. All three options are also available with sugar-free Red Bull instead of the traditional energy drink. The flavor possibilities for mocktails are vast, and Biggby Coffee employees offer plenty of options on social media. For example, one location posted a few mocktail recipes on its Facebook page, adding lemonade to the standard fruit flavors for a more tart, refreshing taste.

However, one particularly unique secret menu hack is a sweet foam mocktail as seen on Instagram. The basic recipe includes traditional Red Bull, strawberry flavor syrup, lemonade, and sweet foam. According to the post, the sweet foam adds a smooth texture and flavor reminiscent of cream soda. While sweet foam is usually served as a thick layer on top of a drink, the sweet foam mocktail mixes it in with the other ingredients. The post also notes that this recipe would be delicious with either peach or blackberry syrups but advises against substituting with sugar-free Red Bull.

Froggy Irishman

Among the many holidays Biggby Coffee recognizes with themed drink specials, St. Patrick's Day features some of the most intriguing offerings. As advertised on the company's Facebook page, it makes mint-based drinks in a festive green shade and specialty flavors like a Lucky Charm latte. However, one seasonal flavor is especially prevalent in secret menu recipes: Irish cream. Traditionally, it is a combination of Irish whiskey and cream, and retailers typically sell it as a pre-blended liqueur. Of course, the coffee shop chain's version is alcohol-free, but it mimics the creamy, caramel taste of the liqueur.

A Biggby Coffee location in Kalamazoo, Michigan, shared a secret menu recipe on Facebook that incorporates this sought-after St. Patrick's Day offering. This drink is called a Froggy Irishman and combines Irish cream with white lightning syrup. Since white lightning has a subtle chocolaty taste, it adds richness and sweetness to the Irish cream and creates a beverage that customers can easily enjoy as a dessert. The recipe doesn't specify a drink type, but this simple combination would be perfect as a hot or iced latte. For customers who don't like coffee, try incorporating Froggy Irishman flavors into a smoothie or hot chocolate instead.

Mango-Strawberry Creme Freeze

Creme Freezes are a popular feature on the Biggby Coffee menu, especially for customers who don't like coffee. These creamy smoothies are available in refreshing fruit flavors, rich dessert-inspired options, and Red Bull energy drink flavors. Furthermore, by adding ice and blending, employees can easily convert nearly any other drink on the menu into a Freeze. Given their popularity, it's no surprise that new Creme Freezes frequently appear as secret menu ideas. For instance, one Biggby Coffee location posted a suggestion for its favorite flavor on Instagram: mango-strawberry.

As the post explains, this menu hack is incredibly easy to order. Customers can ask for a mango Creme Freeze with strawberries and strawberry-flavored syrup. The post also suggests adding whipped cream on top, but customers can omit this if they prefer. However, those who are sensitive to dairy (or choose not to consume it) should be aware that this recipe contains Tenacious Tonic. This creamy ingredient is a staple in many Creme Freezes, and according to the brand's allergen guide, contains dairy. Luckily, the employees at a Michigan-based Biggby Coffee posted a great substitution idea on Facebook: Ask for a banana instead of Tenacious Tonic for a creamy dairy-free smoothie.

Orange Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is a classic cold-weather beverage, and Biggby Coffee offers plenty of unique recipes that improve on the original. For example, an article on the brand's website suggests mixing mint or caramel syrups into hot chocolate or swapping the traditional milk chocolate flavor for white chocolate. In addition, although hot chocolate is caffeine-free, customers have the option to add a shot of espresso if desired. The article also recommends substituting almond, coconut, or oat milk for a creamy non-dairy drink. Hot chocolate is also available iced and frozen, meaning customers can enjoy their favorite winter flavor regardless of the weather.

Even with so many options, one Kentucky-based Biggby Coffee came up with a hot chocolate flavor of its own. According to an Instagram post, one employee felt inspired by chocolate orange candies and created an orange hot chocolate. This unique creation tastes equally delicious hot or iced and pairs well with any milk option. However, although the brand has previously offered orange and tangerine flavor options for its drinks, these aren't staple menu items. When orange flavoring isn't available, substitute for strawberry, banana, or even blueberry syrup for a new twist on this fruity hot chocolate drink.

Zimtsterne Chai Latte

Some Biggby Coffee locations pride themselves on creating and sharing secret menu ideas with their customers. For example, one employee took to TikTok with their location's spin on a traditional chai latte. The popular drink blends black tea with spices such as clove, nutmeg, cardamom, and cinnamon for a warm, rich flavor. However, many coffee chains use a pre-mixed, concentrated powder to create their signature chai latte base. This chai base is at the heart of the TikToker's secret menu creation, a Zimtsterne chai latte.

In the video, an employee blends the brand's chai concentrate with two pumps each of almond and cinnamon syrup. The employee also adds three pumps of vanilla syrup and steamed milk to the mixture. To top off the latte, whipped cream and a cinnamon garnish seal the deal. 

In the video comments, another employee from this location recommends ordering a chai latte and asking for extra flavorings, which makes it easy for customers to replicate the recipe at any Biggby Coffee cafe. The creator uses this recipe to make a hot beverage, but customers could also enjoy it iced. Like most lattes, the Zimtsterne chai is available with non-dairy milk. Customers may want to try almond milk in this recipe since it complements the almond flavor syrup.