Are GBBO's Sandro And Rebs Together In Real Life?

On "The Great British Bake Off," when 12 or 13 contestants share close quarters – well, baking stations – for several consecutive weeks under a fabulous white tent in the idyllic British countryside, there are bound to be blossoming romances – or so we might think. Despite rumors that Henry Bird and Alice Fevronia of Season 10 were dating (via Metro). But based on a piece that Bird penned for The Sunday Times that denied the rumors and Fevronia's Instagram account, which features a series of pics of the pair captioned "brother from another mother," this appears not to be the case.

The latest season of the show, Season 13, also saw some dating rumors, this time among contestants Rebs and Sandro. The pair took to Twitter to chronicle what seemed to be a joint vacation, including a pic of the two on the beach enjoying cocktails, Sandro with his shirt open. Rebs and Sandro also like to work out together, posting a workout on Instagram along with a smoothie recipe they made together. But are smoothies, sweat, and vacation cocktails their recipe for romance?

Sandro and Rebs are in other relationships, but are good buddies

The dating rumors continued when Rebs posted what appears to be a now-deleted Tweet featuring her dressed only in an oversized shirt and drinking from a mug, captioning it, "Thanks for the shirt this morning x @thesandrosbakes" (via Yorkshire Live). She also tweeted with a pic of the pair looking close with the caption "@thesandrosbakes appreciation tweet!!! I learn so much from Sandro every day, he's genuinely the best of us and I'm blessed and grateful on a daily basis that our paths have crossed." Sandro retweeted with the caption "Awwww my baby" followed by a purple heart emoji.

But things aren't always as they might seem. Sandro and Rebs have denied they are dating, with Sandro telling RealityTitBit, "No, we are not dating and never have. We are simply friends." Rebs backed her friend up by stating the two are "happy" in other relationships. According to her GBBO bio, Rebs is with Turkish boyfriend Jack, while Social Ark shares that Sandro identifies as gay and has worked to help up-and-coming bakers from the BAME LGBTQ community.